Just left WW

rmarie06 Posts: 5 Member
Hey all,

I joined WW on 1/1/14 and made my goal, which was to lose 50lbs. I recently cancelled my membership in order to save money, and to challenge myself to maintain my weight. Since leaving WW I've lost another 4 lbs, and have adopted the clean-eating lifestyle. Anyone else here a former member of WW? I miss the online community that they offered and I am hoping to find some friends here :)


  • angieroo2
    angieroo2 Posts: 973 Member
    Don't you get a free lifetime membership when you reach your goal?
  • kvansanity
    kvansanity Posts: 108 Member
    yeah pretty sure you get a free membership! personally WW wasn't for me, but i'm glad it worked for you! feel free to add me if you'd like! i love the MFP community :)
  • rmarie06
    rmarie06 Posts: 5 Member
    Nope, no free membership. No worries though, I'm finding success using my fitness pal! Tracking helps motivate me to stick to my food and exercise goals, especially after a weekend in which I had several "cheat" moments....aka, this weekend :( lol
  • JenniferOBX5
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    You don't get free membership if you do Weight Watchers Online. I assume that is what you did.
  • lmboothroses
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    If you were a meeting member, you weigh in once a month and if you are within 2 lbs of your goal you are free. I also quit paying for online due to financial circumstances but achieved lifetime 26 years ago and just go to a meeting once a month, love my leader! but will continue on with out the online tools
  • rmarie06
    rmarie06 Posts: 5 Member
    My decision to stop WW wasn't really based on the money, its really not that much, but I don't find the need to track points anymore. Especially when there are free options such as my fitness pal. :smile:
  • angieroo2
    angieroo2 Posts: 973 Member
    You don't get free membership if you do Weight Watchers Online. I assume that is what you did.

    I had no idea. Thanks.
  • llbennett74
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    I quit my online membership because I got lax about the tracking and felt it was a waste of money if I wasn't going to use it and starting using MFP and found I liked the social community better here.
  • sandi50lock
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    I quite ww because you pay to much money and you have to be on Wifi to add your food so I couldn't add it at work or wherever I was
  • LuciaLongIsland
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    Yes I was a member for close to 2 years. My knee replacement surgery put a damper on me. I've gained and now back to 2 years ago. Also, I now need hip replacement surgery.
  • TJordan7500
    TJordan7500 Posts: 7 Member
    Just left WW because of family budget. Needed something to hold me accountable and encourage me. Also, I found that I was just eating off a list and not enjoying what I was eating. Just the same old stuff every day to stay within my points. I want to keep my loss going forward and not backwards. Thanks for your help.
  • Shad0wDancer
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    Good luck getting out. I tried to quit but still have 10 payments before I can get out. A scam
  • sunpatients777
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    I tried weight watchers recently for a few days and didn't like how they count smart points. So I cancelled after 2 days. I know the points plus program and following that.