Kundalini yoga is wonderful!

KombuchaCat Posts: 903 Member
I just wanted to share that I did a Kundalini yoga class last night for the first time. What an amazing experience unlike any other yoga I've ever done! I'm going through a very stressful time in my life right now and it was just what I needed. It's like it rewired me with the strength and serenity I need to get through.
Does anyone have a regular Kundalini practice? If so, what benefits can I look forward to by incorporating this into my practice? Do you have any suggestions for me to make the most of this?
Life got crazy and I'm getting back into regular yoga practice. A studio near my new home does a Kundalini class I can make every Monday so I think moving forward that's where I'll be once a week.
Sat Nam :flowerforyou:


  • Zoise
    Zoise Posts: 98 Member
    I know this is old but I am thinking of trying out a Kundalini yoga class in about a month. Any experience from classes much appreciated!