Your next milestone?

katematt313 Posts: 624 Member
So, this morning, I hit 198.5. Yes, I am happy to be in "onederland", but I don't have that sense of accomplishment yet.

Last year, I weighed 196 pounds (I have gained and lost 30 pounds since then).

My milestone is 189 pounds.

I haven't been in the 180s since October 2001, and even then that lasted only about a month before I gained weight back. For most of high school and college I stayed at about 195. In law school, I ballooned to 236, my highest, non-pregnant weight.

I am wondering what your next milestone is.


  • garber6th
    garber6th Posts: 1,894 Member
    Last time I weighed myself, I was 198. Onederland for me was really something because I started this process at 382. The next milestone for me is 182, because at that point I will have lost 200 lbs. Hard for me to wrap my head around that! I am hoping to get there by Labor Day. After that, I will have only 32lbs to get to my goal weight of 150. Hard to wrap my head around that too - I am so close to goal and at the beginning of this whole process I wasn't even sure if any of this was possible!
  • pawoodhull
    pawoodhull Posts: 1,759 Member
    My next milestone is to hit 200, just 25 little pounds away! The one after that is hitting goal of 160. Both are doable and at 3 years out, it no longer matters to me when these two things happen. I can and will do this no matter what the time frame.
  • rpyle111
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    I have a graph of my weight since 1999 (you can see it in my photos). My mini goals have been going lower than each of the lowest points of my yo-yos over the past 15 years. I am now near the bottom of the 2004 yoyo, and about 20 pounds from the lowest weight on the chart.

  • NoXCuses4me
    My next milestone is to be in the 160's... even by a half a pound! I weighted in the 170's all through High School... over the next 30 years gained 40+ pounds. Lost that, but now would like to be LOWER than I was in HS!

    Why is this last 20# so hard???!!!
  • stroynaya
    stroynaya Posts: 326 Member
    Arrived in onederland last week. Haven't been there in more than 15 years. My next milestone is size 12 pants :)
  • april731
    april731 Posts: 122 Member
    I just hit one milestone - 260, which is the lowest I got on my lost foray with Weight Watchers 3 years ago. My next mini-goal is 240 pounds - which is my labor day challenge target (but I'm totally fine if I don't get there by then).

    After that is a big one, emotionally: 225. My most successful weight loss attempt, and lowest adult weight to-date, got me to 225 for a minute and then I stalled and started gaining. After that is uncharted territory and I'm so excited to see where I go from there!
  • tompkinsw
    tompkinsw Posts: 27 Member
    My next milestone is to get to 199 or anything below 200!!! Hopefully that will happen in just a couple of short months!
  • Dannadl
    Dannadl Posts: 120 Member
    My next milestone is to get to a BMI of 25 and officially be not overweight or obese. For me that will be a weight of 157lbs. I'm sitting around 170 now. Ultimately I'd like to get to around 135, but we'll see.
  • adiggs2777
    adiggs2777 Posts: 111 Member
    250. Only 4 more lbs. Then a size 20 clothes. I'd like to blast past 240, because back in 2002 I got down to that then moved and got the sads and gained it and some uninvited friends back.
  • Rindabu
    Rindabu Posts: 33 Member
    I just hit 150lbs lost a few days ago. I've lost half my bodyweight in 9 months. I'm 10 lbs from my ultimate goal weight. :D
  • Losing_Sarah
    Losing_Sarah Posts: 279 Member
    My next milestone is to lose 100 lbs. Which is in 8.5 lbs. Then it's to hit onederland! 23.5 pounds til then!!
  • katematt313
    katematt313 Posts: 624 Member
    You are all awesome and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!!
  • new_clear
    new_clear Posts: 21
    My next goal is to hit 154 lbs which would be the first time I've ever been clinically a normal weight. So close I can smell it!
  • nowucme
    nowucme Posts: 88 Member
    Congrats and good luck to all. After a beach vacation this week I am determined to get surgery and feel healthier by next summer.
  • MindyMac51
    MindyMac51 Posts: 38 Member
    My next milestone will be getting under 200 --12 lbs. to go!
    Then it will be to hit 182, my post-surgery LW, reached in 2011, about one year after surgery.
    Next milestone after that will be my goal of 170 no later than my 5th surgiversary, Nov. 2015.
    After that, who knows, maybe I'll aim for something even lower. :smile: