Pals required, GSH apply within

Would love some new pals, I got to target about 18 months ago, but about 12lbs has crept back on. I'm now back in the game and would love some new pals to bounce off :-)


  • LondonSuz
    LondonSuz Posts: 183 Member
    Hello! Feel free to add me, I definitely have a good sense of humour :smile:
  • _mr_b
    _mr_b Posts: 300 Member
    those cheeky pounds have a habit of doing that! I think it they hide under the bed :)
  • Gelly_Bean
    Gelly_Bean Posts: 32 Member
    I definitely have a sense of humour, whether or not it's good is subjective I guess :) It's usually in the gutter if that helps.

    I'm in the same boat - lost most of the weight I wanted but put my "winter coat" back on; now I need to lose another 12-15 kgs and could use some MFP friends, so feel free to add me.
  • TLwineguzzler
    TLwineguzzler Posts: 289 Member
    Add me too! I've got a GSH which is a necessity living in Stoke :bigsmile:
  • awomaninsane
    awomaninsane Posts: 75 Member
    I have absolutely no sense of humour at all.


    Feel free to add me!
  • Ilove2dance77
    Ilove2dance77 Posts: 527 Member
    As they sing in Mary Poppins "I love to laugh..... Hahahaha... Long and loud and clear"

    Feel free to add me too! :) this is my first week back on Here after toying with it on and off, and I'd like to make it count! I have over 40lbs to lose, so won't be going anywhere in a hurry!
  • iWorkout4Vino
    iWorkout4Vino Posts: 25 Member
    I keep finding my lost pounds hiding around the corner... cheeky bleeders! Feel free to add :)
  • EmmaR25
    EmmaR25 Posts: 33 Member
    Feel free to add me, and anyone else who would like an extra friend
  • tristan299
    tristan299 Posts: 2,537 Member
    Add if you want.
  • ChrissyC1985
    ChrissyC1985 Posts: 406 Member
    also, feel free to add me, I accept all requests. i like to think I have a good sense of humour but it depends what you find funny i guess! :flowerforyou:
  • eyley
    eyley Posts: 95 Member
    Hi all,

    UK based chap with (hopefully) a decent sense of humour.

    Feel free to add me - I find resisting Greggs and beer a lot easier if I'm getting some cheeky banter and motivation from MFP friends,


  • Golfcat75
    Golfcat75 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi, I'm new on here, got about 20lbs to lose and I need people with a sense of humour to get me through it! So please feel free to add me ????
  • ummmmm84
    ummmmm84 Posts: 50 Member
    Evening everyone

    I will admit it took a little while to realise what GSH even meant haha so I might not be the right person but feel free to add
    I too lost the weight under a year ago and it's coming back on bit by bit....thing it's on my butt if jeans are anything to go by.

    I like running, go to a boxing class and do circuits.....and sometimes bootcamp.

    Claire :)
  • tiggsnanny
    tiggsnanny Posts: 366 Member
    lol I didn't get it for a while either :laugh: feel free to add me anyone who wants friends, I log in everyday, my diet is not that good but i'm losing slowly :smile:
  • cchierighini
    cchierighini Posts: 18 Member
    Hi I was here for about a year ago and lost 5stone over the course of a year but sadly it has started to creep back on (I blame costa). So I've decided to come back and lose it again. Plus I'm training for the shine marathon night walk so thought I should really eat well as well as exercise.

    Please feel free to add me anyone :)
  • MrsSLG
    MrsSLG Posts: 15 Member
    Hi, I'm from the valleys of Wales where sarcasm is our second language! Feel free to add me too if that qualifies as GSH :tongue:
  • Dieting_Jen23
    Dieting_Jen23 Posts: 29 Member
    Hi everyone - Glasgow here! I'm 38lbs down, with about another 14lbs to go. Treating myself far too often these days and don't seem to have the discipline I used to when I had a bridesmaid dress staring at me last year!

    I'm a clean-eater's worst nightmare, but if you can cope with that and some typical Scottish banter, then add away.

  • Feel free to add me :D
  • jakicooke
    jakicooke Posts: 149 Member
    Would love more pals on here. ive a long road still to go so need all the support and buddies I can have to support me and also to support (its great to feel that you are helping others and helping yourself too)
  • riadhdeb
    riadhdeb Posts: 212 Member
    lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I'm very funny add me