I'm back!

Hello everyone! So sorry for my lengthy absence, but my honey surprised me with a three week trip to Ireland for the summer!!!! Missed you guys! And you'll be glad to know that weight loss had still continued despite the vacation and travel! So how has everyone been doing? Have weigh ins still been underway?


  • llysenw
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    Ireland, wow! That is so cool! And your husband! When he's not battling sharks, he's whisking you off to the emerald isle.

    Welcome back -- sounds like you did really well diet-wise while you were away, which is wonderful.

    I've been weighing in all month in the old (July) thread, and so have a few others.

    Personally, I've got some out-of-town guests and I'll be going away for a long weekend this week, so we'll see how well I can do with all the eating out and such.
  • kisseso3
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    Wow that's amazing!! Welcome back! You were severely missed!
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
    Glad you are back. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!
  • melifornia
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    A surprise trip to Ireland?!? Uh, does he have any single brothers? :wink:

    Glad you're back! We've been adrift without you!
  • Yes, he is extremely amazing, that man, funny thing is that I would've never thought for a million years that he could've pulled this off (I'm the major planner, scheduler, CFO of the household, ect.), but he brought in some help (two of my best friends) and it was AWESOME! It was a pre-graduation, graduation present! lol.

    So, I see our group has kinda been a a little bit of a ghost town. Well, hopefully I can add a little bit of pep. Unfortunately this week is not going to be the week for me to pour what I need to into MFP. Being gone three weeks was wonderful, but the return and the pile of 'catch up" sitting ahead of me is going to take the rest of the week for me to sift through. On top of that, University resumes today, and I am taking five classes this semester, and Panhellenic Recruitment is this week and I am apart of a sorority, so, lets add extracurricular after hour obligations to the mix as well. <SIGH> Back to life, back to reality.....Oh well, it was worth it! Gonna lose some poundage just working on getting back to routine! lol.

    I will though pop in and out this week, try and contribute as much as I can, and then be ready to dive in for September fitness challenge Week 1 on Sunday! Let's gear up ladies!