8/23/14 Weekly Check in and Chat

mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
Good Morning! I just want to say ... I am SOOOO sore! 6 am Boot camp class on Thursday and a light leg workout with my boys last night just to keep the muscles loose, and I am now into full late-onset soreness today. YIKES! AND retaining water as my muscles try to heal themselves from my insane choices! Ha, ha ... but in a weird way I am happy this morning. Happy because this feels like the thing I need to be doing right now. I know this soreness will pass and I am so excited to come out on the other side feeling stronger and "sleeker" as my MFP friend Jenn would say.

So happy day to you all! I am headed for a light cardio workout this morning with my baby boy and then see what the rest of the day will bring!! Make it a great one folks!!


  • gsheppy
    gsheppy Posts: 283 Member
    Hey all. I did pretty good this week. I am trying to get my workouts figured in too my day to day activities. Busy week coming up. I am on vacation and kids start back to school. OMG. Let the games begin.
  • mrsme1008
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    Hello Everyone,

    Well I didn't have the best week and the weekend wasn't much better. I overindulged on the food and my exercise consisted of cleaning the house, running errands and cooking. Looking forward to a much more productive/healthy/exercising week!

    Mamacoates - YAY for DOMS!

    Gen - enjoy your vacation!

    Let's get a great week in!

    Cheryl :drinker:
  • mamacoates
    mamacoates Posts: 430 Member
    Whoot, whoot!! Go to it ladies! Almost half way through the week ... let's finish strong!

    P.S. I got up again this morning for 6 am class. Only 30 minute workout this morning, packaged with inspirational message from the KAIA Fit founder so I did not over-do today. I am now at work, 4:00 pm and still awake!! Yea me!!