Protein Bar Blues

katematt313 Posts: 624 Member
This morning I ate a quest bar (cinnamon roll) for breakfast while I was driving to work. It did not agree with me. Within 5-10 minutes, I was praying for a bathroom. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I looked at the wrapper and there is an undisclosed amount of "pre-biotic" fiber, as well as the protein, in the bar. Wondering if I am sensitive to the fiber, or maybe allergic to the bar?

I had the cookie dough flavored bar on Saturday, with no ill effects.



  • spfldpam
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    I love Quest bars! I was worried about all the fiber in them also but they agree with me good. I can't eat Fiber One bars. They make me ill and this was long before WLS Sleeve surgery. I can eat the Fiber One Brownies and Cookies with no issues though.
  • asia1967
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    Katematt313: Have you eaten cinnamon since your surgery? Why I ask is my friend can't tolerate it after she had her RNY. Just a thought.
  • adiggs2777
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    So I think the takeaway here is that the cinnamon roll bar is not for you. I've not had issues with any Quest flavor I've tried including cinnamon roll. There are definitely some I like more than others though. Looking at the three flavors I have in my snack drawer (which is all healthy crap now, LOL), they ALL have "pre-biotic" fiber. So my guess is that it was not the fiber you reacted to since you can have other flavors.
  • katematt313
    katematt313 Posts: 624 Member
    I agree. I tried a different flavor for breakfast this morning, and it was fine.
  • lkrenz0307
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    I've seen a few comments mentioning Quest bars - I've not heard of them. Are they available just anywhere? Are they high protein?
  • dsjsmom23
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    I've seen a few comments mentioning Quest bars - I've not heard of them. Are they available just anywhere? Are they high protein?

    I get mine at GNC. They are great for protein and fiber.
    I eat them as a meal replacement when i'm on the go. My dietician says they are good in moderation and for meal replacement.
  • mpweathe
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    I order Quest Bars from Amazon. They have several variety packs to choose from if you want to try different flavors without committing to a whole box.
  • garber6th
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    I am a total Quest bar fan, but today I tried a bar that is SO good. It's by MusclePharm and it's called Combat Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. They have 20 grams of protein, they are good sized, and 210 calories - a tad bit higher than some, but it works for me because I have had to work on upping my calories, and that isn't bad for a meal either. I got them from, they are 20% off now but when I got them they were buy one get one free. They also have a chocolate peanut butter flavor that I will definitely be trying.

    SIde note - I have gotten some pretty good deals on bars and protein powders from when they have specials. I usually get my order the very next day, and they always include samples.