Group Check In

Hello 50+ Group!

To all new members, I'm Heather, a moderator for the group. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, as I have been out of the country for the past three weeks, and forbidden to log into social media and enjoy my vacation! But, I'm back now, I'll be dropping a new September Week 1 fitness challenge, and generally bugging the hell out of you all with random posts.

To our seasoned members, I hope weight loss and healthier lifestyle living are still continuing, and as always, please feel free to post your triumphs, frustrations, goals, and rants as you deem necessary.

I just wanted to see who is still around...I know some log in and log their food diary, and may pop in to read some posts, but don't contribute to the threads, and that's fine, all is welcome in the, but I would love to encourage more interaction for optimal success. I have found that sharing information, and especially goals, will increase accountability and also equip you with friends to motivate you throughout your weight loss journey. So, please, by all means post!!! Even if it is a small blurb saying hello to the group. The more comfortable you become with posting, the more natural it becomes to do so.

So, group, check in! Say hello, present, here, still around, still working on it, given up, at my wits end, tell me about your day, your family, the job, the dog, whatever, just let me hear from you, so I can get an account of who's still around, who's still trying, who's still working on this crazy little thing we call healthier lifestyle....!?

Me, I'm HERE, still in it, still working on it, 10 pounds lost since my last three week check in, and still going. I started MFP at 244, and currently at 226 as of last Friday's official weigh in! Unofficially, I got on that scale this morning and saw 224.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, here's to hoping it stays that way for Friday! Actually, I'm hoping for one more pound to melt away. Then I'll have lost three pounds a week for all of August....Isn't the suspense just KILLING YOU?

Where are YOU?


  • Listeninguponyou
    Listeninguponyou Posts: 507 Member
    Hey! I'm still here (though I usually just do weigh ins)!

    I have lost 26 lb (though I might gain a bit this week, haha) since I joined MFP. 210 to 183.2! It's been fine for me, though I have been slacking all of August (till now). I purchased a fitbit a week ago and I love it. Still trying to make my goals and lose weight!
  • melifornia
    melifornia Posts: 227 Member
    I'm still here! Down 12.5lbs since refocusing on MFP. Aunt Flo is visiting this week, so I expect no loss or a possible gain for Friday. Plus, I'm not eating great at all. Crazy busy with work and deadlines, and it's really hot here, so combine that with Aunt Flo and, yeah, I'm in no mood to focus on food and haven't been exercising.

    I'm giving myself grace for this week as I wrap up my writing assignments (7 magazine articles due Friday), then will take a breather and make a plan for September. I started August with a workout schedule, and actually stuck with it for the first couple of weeks! Definitely doing that again for September!
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
    I'm here too. Aunt Flo was visiting me and must have moved over to Melifornia. It's been crazy busy for me too. As in leave the house by 8 am and travel hither and yon until 7 or 8 pm. I have hardly cooked in the past two weeks. The house looks like a bomb hit it and the laundry room is starting to smell like a boys locker room. I'm pushing hard to get my poop in a group. Should be completely back on track Monday.
  • kisseso3
    kisseso3 Posts: 36
    I'm still here. I started my journey or whatever at 245 on June 2nd and as of last Monday, the 25th I'm down to 228.5. so that's really exciting. I'm down for more challenges.
  • moonflower1961
    moonflower1961 Posts: 35 Member
    Haven't met anyone but I am still here