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Anyone done 30 Day Shred?

I picked up 30 Day Shred at Goodwill last night. ($2.99 I loves me some thrift stores!!) Has anyone used this DVD before? Is it going to kill me?


  • melifornia
    melifornia Posts: 227 Member
    I haven't tried it because the name alone scares me! :laugh:
  • Allmyusernamesaretakengeeze
    It scares me too. I probably will work my way up to it after I've lost 25 lbs and just see how I do.

    The good news for me is I picked up KettleWorX DVDs for $15. It appears to be a complete 11 disc set including the 5 lb kettle ball. Heh, Amazon has it listed for $87 used. $360 new. I suppose I should use it since I got such a screaming great deal. *sigh*

    Being consistent with the exercise is hard for me.