Nausea, exhaustion, insomnia --just need to whine

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Pregnancy just does not agree with me. I don't think I will ever have the pregnant "glow." In my last pregnancy, I was miserable 100% of the time, and this round does not seem any different. Generally, I am a pretty positive person. When I am not pregnant, I am an exercise and health fanatic, and I love life. Pregnant, I am laid low and it's difficult for me to enjoy daily life when I feel so sick and run-down. I think I was fairly depressed during my first pregnancy, but it makes sense -I physically could not do any of the things that made me happy, and it wasn't for lack of trying. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and sleep through the nine months, if only that had been possible. I was hospitalized and had an appendectomy during the last pregnancy, which made things all the more miserable.

This pregnancy is different and my symptoms are not as severe, but I'm also dealing with more responsibilities at home and at work. I feel like I am actually coping better because I've done this before, and yet some days are still really difficult. This time around the pregnancy fairy has brought me insomnia -I wake up for 2-3 hours every night and can't fall back asleep. That alone takes its toll. Last week I was also hospitalized again with the worst pain I have ever experienced. (It turned out to be a kidney stone that passed after 24 hours or so.) It's also hard seeing my darling little son and wanting to enjoy spending time with him, playing with him, teaching him things, and then feeling too sick or tired to engage.

Don't get me wrong: I am happy that I am having a baby and grateful that I was able to conceive so easily and time it how we wanted, and I am looking forward to meeting my new little one. But until then... why do our bodies have to make it so hard on us? Well, some of us! I'm just looking for some more mfp friends who can relate :)


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    Oh my goodness, I swear, I have been thinking this exact same thing!!

    My first pregnancy was pretty awesome, though. Only very minor discomforts most of the time, no complications, and I kid you not, I felt so freaking beautiful! This time, I can't hep but get depressed. I can't do much of anything, I hurt very badly. I'm carrying low this time, and man, that makes a HUGE difference compared to carrying really high beforehand. I'm lucky if I can get housework done, and I'm glad that I'm a stay-at-home mom because I don't think I could handle most work right now. I'm only 21 weeks and have already cried and cried on multiple occasions because I just hurt THAT bad and can't believe its only halfway done. It really sucks.

    :( I'm gonna add you, though! The more people to suffer with, the better.
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    Thank you for responding! Misery loves company! Just messaged you :)
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    I am with you! Nausea and still having morning sickness, fatigue and insomnia, and I REALLY HATE having to pee almost EVERY HOUR! Like I really hate it. Also getting tired of answering the same 5-10 questions every day with random people I see. On the upside my hair has been looking great though :)

    Oh and forgot to add: constipation and hemorrhoid (sorry TMI but never had them before!), and I've started cramping anytime I try to speed walk a little so not really exercising. And my hips hurt even with a snoodle after I wake up. And I swear I looked like a clown in my outfit today, not sure what I was thinking with some of the maternity clothes I picked out. And am I the only one starting to have trouble bending down or picking stuff off the floor?? So awkward!

    I am super excited about having my first baby girl but I can't wait until my body is back to normal, I can drink a glass of wine without worrying and start looking normal again!
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    I was just thinking: in some ways, the title of this group ("Fit, Fabulous, & Pregnant") feels like a slap in the face. I know it's supposed to be motivating, but I feel anything but fit and fabulous while pregnant.
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    the laser - I know exactly what you mean. The only accurate bit of the title is 'pregnant' and right now I see no sign of it changing for me in the next 9 weeks!