Did losing weight help you regain fertility?

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I hope it's okay to post here but I often feel alone because most people don't understand.

I am not pregnant but my main reason for wanting to lose weight is to get pregnant, with a girl hopefully. I'm almost 27 (in 2 days yay?) I'm paranoid I'm running out of time. I've been married over 10 years and trying the whole time. Yes even at a young age.

Most of my life (oh probably 8yrs old +) I've been overweight and from puberty on obese. I'll spare you the details but most of my life I've had a nonstop period that has nearly killed me every step of the way. As a teen they put me on birth control that I believe in the long run made it worse. I was dumb enough to try the depo shot last year and nearly bled to death over christmas. Let me tell you laying in bed unable to move crying all day is a poor way to spend the holidays. Sorry if I'm being depressing, didn't intend to be.

Anyways I'm hoping to find friends that had fertility issues and got pregnant after losing weight. I'm 74 pounds down as of today and no baby yet. My periods have flipped and now they're so light I don't think they could be considered periods, but I guess I'll take that over the bleeding all the time thing. I'm frustrated because google and most people say "oh just 20 pounds and most people get pregnant" yeah I've tripled that and nada.

I have this irrational fear of pregnancy after 30, and being old. My husband is 10 years older than me and I don't want him to be 60 when our child would graduate high school or something. I know people do it but, I dunno that seems cruel, my husband is in great shape and has lost all his extra weight, infact he's having issues keeping it on. Yet I still fear he'd be unable to play with our child or something stupid like that? Of course he tries to make me feel better but I guess It's a mental thing with me. :disappointed_relieved:

I'd also love friends that tried for a long time to conceive before it happened.

Hope everyone has a great evening! ^_^ ;)


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    I'm so sorry for your frustrations. I can't say as though I have fertility issues, but just wanted you to know that someone is out there rooting for you. Congratulations on your weight loss, 74 pounds is an AMAZING accomplishment.
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    First of all, Congratulations on 74 lbs lost! That is amazing. Second, have you been to a fertility doctor? After 10 years of trying they would be more than willing to run tests and see what the root cause is. It could very well be the fluctuating periods or prolonged periods. I have known woman to lose weight and get pregnant, I have known some that are obese and get pregnant. I think at this point the best thing to do is go to a specialist and see what is effecting YOU.

    Best of luck and I hope you get your baby soon!
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    One thing that helped us was going gluten free. I know it seems strange and maybe some people would argue, but after being gluten free for 6 months, we got pregnant within 2 cycles. Worth trying maybe?
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    xelor23 wrote: »
    One thing that helped us was going gluten free. I know it seems strange and maybe some people would argue, but after being gluten free for 6 months, we got pregnant within 2 cycles. Worth trying maybe?

    I actually tried going gluten free for 6+ months and found no difference other than a hike in my grocery bill :( lol congrats though!

    Thanks guys, you're sweet.
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    I kind of had the opposite problem. I hardly ever got my period. Like... 1 in every 9-12 months. And I don't have PCOS. For me, it was purely weight related. I've been overweight (and then obese) since puberty. Once I started losing weight I started getting my periods. They got more regular as the year progressed. Hubby and I agreed that once I had hit 155 lbs (which is still overweight for my height and not my ultimate goal weight), then we'd try for our 2nd child. I got pregnant that same cycle I hit 155 lbs.

    So yes, losing weight helped me. I could finally track my cycles based on my own trends. I could tell when I was ovulating from when I'd "gain" weight mid-cycle, and I could tell when AF was due when I'd gain weight again at the end of my cycle.

    Losing weight in itself was a really great thing for me. I lost 58 lbs and after baby I plan on going further and hitting my ultimate goal. So it wasn't 100% about getting pregnant, but it was one of my main driving forces. I'd say it was about 75% of my motivation, lol.
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    A few years ago, I had fertility issues, and was told that I only had a 1% chance of ever becoming pregnant on my own. I went through fertility treatments, and nothing. I was about 40-50 lbs heavier than I am now. I had hormonal issues because of the weight. I could go 9 months without a period and had to get my period induced several times because I was not getting it on my own. I never had regular periods, even when I was younger.

    About 4 years ago, I decided to get healthy and focus on me. I starting eating right, exercising, and lost about 40 lbs. I started getting my periods regularly. Lo and behold, I got pregnant!!!! The doctor told me that I had managed to balance my hormones due to the weight loss! It is truly amazing how weight affects our lives. Unfortunately, I had some other issues, and lost the baby at 22 weeks. However this made me hopeful that I would be able to get pregnant again. I am now about 14w4d along.

    I would suggest after so many years of trying that you get and your husband get checked out to see which one of you may have an issue. If it is not him, he will go on and on about how many swimmers he has. Men tend to get excited about those things;) This way, you will know what your issues are, and what to do to hopefully solve them.
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    First, congratulations on an amazing weight loss!

    I haven't had fertility issues and I've never been overweight, but I did get pregnant easily at 38 and at 40, and my husband is only one year older, and I have plenty of mom friends who have done the same. We are both very healthy and active people, so I'm sure that helps. Despite all the fearmongers out there, age is less of an issue than you might think, and people are living longer, more active lives than ever before.

    That said, you are still young, and if you've been trying for 10 years AND you have unusual bleeding, then get thee (and thy husband) to a fertility specialist! I am sure that losing weight can only help, too, but why not stack the deck as much as possible in your favor by doing both? I'm sure you also know this, but there are tons of support forums out there for women with long term fertility concerns, and the women on them are usually very supportive and knowledgeable.
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    I'll be 32 a month after my daughter is born. I honestly don't know if I had fertility issues or not, but my husband and I were not exactly trying but not exactly safe for the past 10 years. I lost about 60 pounds two years ago, and I've been eating clean and staying active since. I don't know if losing weight was the reason for our surprise baby or if it was just playing the odds, but I think it's a good idea to try and get a bit healthier before having a baby. It will make things that much easier once you are pregnant. Since you will still be trying for the baby, set a lower per week goal of weight loss, maybe half a pound to a pound and try to become a bit more active. Take it slow so you don't stress over it, as I'm more certain that stress can cause temporary fertility issues.

    I would go ahead and see an obgyn for your irregular periods, it will give you a chance to get to know her/him and get on some prenatals if you do discover the issue.
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    Congrats on the weight loss.

    I've not had fertility problems, but I've always been thin, fit and healthy when I've got pregnant, so I'm not sure if that helped or not.

    Have you seen your doctor about problems with conceiving? In England I think they suggest you go if you've been TTC a year, then they do tests to check ovulation, check your tubes etc.

    Why is it you want a girl? I have a boy and 2 girls, and I was over the moon to have a boy for my first. Boys are amazing. Girls are too, but it upsets me when women say they'd prefer a girl. I'd have thought if you'd been TTC a while you'd be ecstatic to be pregnant with a boy or a girl.

    As for age, I was 31, 33 and 36 when I had my babies. Perfectly healthy pregnancies, and easy labours (just gas and air, no stitches) so don't worry about the age thing.
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    i have pcos, diagnosed when i was 18. got married at 20 and after trying for 3 years was given clomid and concieved my daughter.
    i bled constantly for 14 months after i had her and they had to medicate me to get it to stop but my periods remained erratic

    my weight climbed up till i reached 387lb and i had wls nearly a year ago and have lost 154lb to date

    in october i met my current partner who is 38. we forgot to use protection and because ive been unable to concieve since my daughter i thought nothing of it until that line turned blue

    hes already planning the next child lol
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    Congrats on the weight loss. My husband and I have been married for three years and in that time we used no protection. After a couple of years we just assumed we couldn't have kids. Then I lost 25 lb and gave up sweets, artificial sweeteners and soda. I was pretty much doing my grocery shopping on the outer perimeter of the store. Then when I missed my period I didn't think anything of it because it happened all the time in the past. Something felt different this time and behold I am preggo.

    My sister in law had trouble too and she did a diet called the daniel fast (clean eating) and she conceived within months. I think a lot of it can be weight related and what we put into our bodies. However, I would consult your doctor and maybe have a fertility test to see what is going on. Good luck.
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    I've been a normal weight all of my life and my periods were regular. However, I underwent fertility testing when my hubby and I TTC'd for a few years with no luck.

    Anyhow, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. To put it lightly, I had major issues with my plumbing. I underwent a surgical procedure to remove one fallopian tube and laser some endo away. I then went on the pill for several months and underwent IVF. I only had two viable embryos so they implanted both. Sadly, it didn't work.

    The IVF was difficult financially and emotionally. DH and I decided not to go through another round. We accepted the fact that we would be a family of two. It took us a few months to grieve. What snapped us out of our funk is getting saddled with an unwanted Rottweiler pup. LOL. She really spiced things up for us. DH and I started walking together and I wanted to lose a few lbs. We really found ourselves again and we were enjoying life. :)

    After losing 10 lbs, I found out this past May that I was pregnant. The odds were always against us. I don't know if it was the weight loss, the healthier lifestyle, luck or if it was just us not trying anymore. It may be a combination of things.

    Congrats on your weight loss. 74lbs is amazing!!! Keep at it and consult a doctor to get some testing done. You can then make a plan once a diagnosis is found.

    Good luck!
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    Hi, extremely well done on the weight loss. It all really does depend on the underlying reason why you are not falling so I agree that fertility tests are your next step. I needed IVF for both my pregnancies but it took a few attempts first time (first started treatment when I was your age and I was 36 when my first child was born, it was a long and rocky road but well worth it) I had poor nutrition and was very over weight, this time, three years later, it worked first time and the pregnancy has been much easier, so while it was not the fact I was over weight that I couldnt become pregnant, being fit and healthy and eating clean, whole foods certainly will go a long way in supporting a successful pregnancy. Keep it up!

    PS I'm 40 this year and am more active and healthy than I ever was in my 20's or 30's so my kids are benefiting from a mum thats fit and healthy, not just 'young' ;)
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    This is an old post somewhat so not sure if you are still checking this but I'll say it takes two to tango. If you've lost weight and your period is normal, it might be your husband. I lost weight and it wasn't until my husband had testosterone replacement injections that we got pregnant in 2014. We had no problem getting pregnant the first time unexpectedly in 2009, after being told I'd never get pregnant on my own. Well I did, accidentally, exactly 2 weeks after my last birth control pill. Then I got pregnant again in 2012 but had a miscarriage. We did not get pregnant again until my husband was on testosterone long enough to bring his levels back up, and found out we were pregnant in June 2014, due in February. But my husband's testosterone was 129 and the low end range for men his age should have been 300. Very, very, very low. He was on injections for 2 or 3 months maybe and we were pregnant. I knew it wasn't me because my stuff was on time every month for theast 2 years and for someone with PCOS that's amazing. So I knew my weight loss had fixed my issue... the only one left was him. But he was not on testosterone to get pregnant. He went to get injections because he felt bad all of the time. Pregnancy was just an accidental side effect.

    There are a ton of things that could be wrong with you, but don't ever exclude that it may also be your husband. I'm guessing our miscarriage in 2012 may have been related to insufficient sperm as a result of the low testosterone.

    Good luck!
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    excuse me for reviving a long dead post but in case anyone ever googles this I want someone to know what happened for me.
    I continued to have at least 8 confirmed miscarriages. I was diagnosed with PCOS officially in 2016 I believe. We went through a lot of testing. I got my tubes checked (very painful) but fine. I got 1 polyp removed but they had originally thought I had more. I took femera and ovidrel in an attempt to help. MONTHS of these drugs. We did IUI but after the 6th one failed it was time for my husband to retire from the military and for us to move. On my last fertility appointment they refused treatment because I had what looked like a cyst that could quickly term into cancer by the weird shape. We decided to move back home and after taking a month break (and let my insurance switch over) we'd use our savings to get IVF. Well my cancerous looking cyst was so full of leftover medicine, or at least we think, I ovulated and ended up getting pregnant in 2019. I had a boring uneventful normal pregnancy and birth. Gave birth to the most perfect 7lb 7oz little angel in Oct 2019 :) she'll be 4 this year. At one point I had lost 112lbs from where I started and that didn't help me magically get pregnant. Don't be afraid to seek medical help for getting pregnant because sometimes just losing weight isn't enough no matter what you read online. "just 5-10lbs" is something I did several times over. I wish anyone reading this lots of love and baby dust. <3