Oct. 26 Sorry I was gone so long

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I wasn't online for a month but I had to fly to Florida and move my son out of his apartment there. I did lots of cleaning and packing. What a job. Then I drove across half of the US in one day with a 14 ft truck!!! Once in Colorado, we had to unload everything and find room in my other son's 2 bedroom mobile home. I am actually glad to be back home. Now I can resume my schedule, I hope. I did bring my son from Florida with by the way. This is the body builder. So far we went to the gym twice. He wants to go every other day so I will go with and lift weights. We also played tennis and boy was my dog Zoey ecstatic! She hadn't played tennis in over 2 months but she didn't forget. We also went walking in the woods once. There are a lot of mosquitoes out around here. I guess they had too much rain and they multiplied. The good news is I didn't gain weight even with eating out one meal almost every day. I did always share my meal with Max so that probably helped along with the moving jobs. The bad news is I didn't lose any weight either. I know I barely drank any water so I need to up that as well. I guess that's all the news on my end. How are all of you coming along. I look forward to hearing from you all!


  • marsellient
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    Nice to see you back. I've been in California on a driving and hiking holiday and haven't been online much either. Now I'm back in Canada and trying to get back into logging and regular at home exercise. It's going to take a few days. Good for you for getting on the scales. I haven't had the courage yet. We did do about 6-10 miles of walking every day and my clothes still fit, so I'm hoping the damage is minimal because we also had a lot of food.
    I'm thinking of strategies to keep within my calorie goal and get a few more pounds off in the coming months.
  • LydiaZembower
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    I am glad you are back. I have been going to the gym weight lifting 3 times a week. I also went on a 3 hr bike trip with Max 12, while Cory 21 and Zoey (dog) jogged beside us. We were tired when we got back an hour after sundown so it was real dark and no lights on our bikes. I couldn't sit without pain for a couple of days after that. I am still having heart burn constantly so now I really need to start watching what I eat. I plan on 6 small meals but I figured out it still is 1537 calories! I just can't believe it. I just know that when I am on this diet, I feel fine. Maybe I can finally sleep well again. Having Cory here is good and bad. He makes sure we hit the gym and sometimes do other activities but he does love to eat and now that he has a bartender license, makes great drinks too. Just they are loaded with calories!! I guess I should not have any more of them as they probably don't help heart burn. I should start Turbo Jam again as well. We are probably going swimming mid December and I want to slim down a bit before that. I need to find a place to buy a swim suit though. My big bust just doesn't fit in any suit in stores. You can go bigger, but still the bust is too big so it's not worth it and then the rest of the suit doesn't look good. My friend gave me a site where they make one for you for around $80 which is sometimes what they cost in stores. I am going to have to look into it.