1st trimester headaches

ischmelle Posts: 206 Member
Anyone else have 1st trimester headaches? I get about 1 a week and they are bad. I hate to take medication, I'd rather find some relief naturally if I can. Anyone have any tips or tricks to beat them?


  • Ninkyou
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    I had headaches, and unfortunately, the only thing you can really do is take Extra Strength Tylenol.... which typically did nothing for me.
  • kathyk519
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    I was getting them a few times a week. Drink lots of water, put your head down for a while, and when it gets really bad take a tylenol.
  • ColeCake292012
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    I got migraines pretty bad during my first pregnancy. They prescribed me oxycodone, which is safe to take, but made me SO sick. This pregnancy, I haven't had many migraines so far, and I honestly think that seeing an osteopath has really helped with it. OMT (Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy) is AMAZING. The doctor readjusts my hips, my neck and my back every few weeks and it really helps with all the normal pregnancy discomforts. Headaches can be very typical, especially in early pregnancy, but I'd still mention them at your next prenatal appointment...they like to know about those kinds of things. :)
  • mormonmomma11
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    I've heard B6 can help? I know it helps with exhaustion and its a key component in one of my anti-nausea meds.
  • AwMyLoLo
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    I had a lot of headaches in my first trimester and Tylenol does nothing for me. I'd just suffer through the day and put a heating pad on my neck and shoulders, and an ice pack on my head when I got home.
  • TheLaser
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    Acupressure might work, or provide some temporary relief.
  • justinskitty
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    Chiropractor and acupuncture! I had crazy bad headaches in my 1st trimester. Went to both and I'm 38 weeks and headache free since I went. Tylenol never did a darn thing for me.
  • ischmelle
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    Thanks for all the advice! I just had another one yesterday. They seem to be coming more frequently now that I am 11 weeks and I was really hoping they would start to taper off! I am going to cut out sugar, which I need to do anyway, but I think it is triggering them. I would like to try acupuncture though. I already see a chiropractor, but I might try to up my visits to see if he can offer any relief.
  • MelissR75
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    Ninkyou wrote: »
    I had headaches, and unfortunately, the only thing you can really do is take Extra Strength Tylenol.... which typically did nothing for me.
    Yup! I suffer from Migraines and was on a beta blocker daily and Relpax (as needed) for migraines. Id have to eat a bottle of tylenol and even then it barely touches them.
    The first trimester was bad..I was getting a full blown migraine every few weeks..nothing worked..it was 15-18 hours in bed :( I havent had one this 2nd trimester (fringers crossed) the only thing you can try is taking extra strength tylenol the second you feel it coming on with a glass or can of coke and then lay down for an hour if you can. That might stop it from getting too bad.