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Counting Calories

IronLizerd Posts: 43 Member
Question: So I started eating clean and have been going strong for a few days but I stopped counting calories because it was giving me anxiety (yea i know it sounds silly). I'm very proud of the way I've been eating but i am not sure if i should start counting again. Is it worth it?? Also do you count? What are your experiences?


  • Julieboolieaz
    Julieboolieaz Posts: 644 Member
    I count, but I'm not losing weight.:(
    It does make me stop and think before I eat though...which is always a good thing. :) keep working your plan and good luck!!
  • Curlychip
    Curlychip Posts: 292 Member
    I also count (and don't lose weight!). If I didn't, I would just eat and drink tons though lol!
  • maoribadger
    maoribadger Posts: 1,837 Member
    I count, seems to suit my ocd. I have about 1350 on days I dont train, 1500 if I' once, today I am actually training twice as.I had a personal trainer session booked as well as sis I'd go.gym with her so I've eaten 1700.
  • Cerebrus189
    Cerebrus189 Posts: 315 Member
    I count calories, even if I don't always record it, to make sure I'm hitting my macros to gain lean mass. If you're serious about your goals, you should record even for just a little while until you get into the regular habit of eating the way you've chosen. What are your goals?

    My goal for calories is 2770 consisting of a 30/40/30 p/c/f macro balance. I never hit my carb goal because I just don't feel good with that many carbs in me. I am a certified nutrition coach and help to coach others at my gym in regards to nutrition.

    I'm 5'10" and 162 lbs with consistently-building lean mass. I compete in Powerlifting and in 2015, I'll be competing in Strongman and Oly.