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    Adam, yeah you can add Charts that dynamically update when data is placed. It looks like our numbers are increasing, so we have some names to update. If you can help me keep it tidy, organized and updated that would be awesome.

    Victoria great to have you in the group!
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    I'm down for making sure it's neat, tidy, and useful. The biggest part of that is ensuring everyone gives good, quality feedback on it, so I know what to change. I'll make a change right now to update all of the name fields dynamically based on the Alpha Week 1.

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    Hi All, I am Diana. I bought T25 a few months ago but just started using it yesterday.

    Current weight- 177 lb
    Goal weight -145lbs by March 17, 2015
    Biggest obstacles - balancing a job that requires travel and prioritizing my family's needs over my physical fitness goals.

    Goals- to lose weight, tone, be in the best shape of my life! Need you all for the motivation!
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    Hi Diana, great to have you join the group - we'll be counting on you to log in and keep track of your progress! I also had a high travel job at one point, and know the drill.... it can be tough. We will give all the support we can - you got this.
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    Hey hey Diana! Good to have you! :)
  • Hello all! My name is Haley and I am a college student, I am trying to find the healthy balance between school, staying healthy and having fun all at the same time :) I don't know what my starting weight is and personally its not about losing lbs for me its about toning and losing inches so I am only using photo progress (meaning every week I will be taking a new set of photos to see how my body has been changing)

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'6.5'
    Weight: I don't know what my starting weight is.
    Goal: Toning/lose inches
    Biggest Obstacle: Staying motivated!!!!!! and cookies, pizza & fries (lots of those foods in my dorm cafe)
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    Haley! Welcome! We are excited to see your progress! Photo progress is a GREAT way to show how everyone can change using T25, not just those with pounds to lose. Inches and toning is a GREAT reason to keep yourself in peak shape.
  • Hi everybody !

    I'm using the myfitnesspal app and website for a week now and I really love it !

    My goal is to get in shape, be more healthy and start doing more physical activities with my friends and family.

    For eating, I'm currently doing the Kilo Cardio program which is really popular here in Quebec Canada (In french).

    I've already lost 7lbs in one week.

    I started the T25 Focus Alpha Program on the 20th ! Wish me good luck !

    Starting Weight : 203
    Goal : Lost of weight and better cardio
    Diet: Kilo Cardio
    Height : 5,8p
    Biggest challenge : stay motivated !
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    Great to have you Frank. Thanks for joining us - were all here to help eachother!
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    Hello everyone.. Sunita here.. Looking to get back to my prepregnancy weight..hoping T25 will take me there. I'm on my third day and really like the program... but todays workout was tough... even though I am using the low impact moves..I live in an apartment and really dont want to annoy my neighbors

    Age: 31
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 155
    Goal: Lose 20lbs by new year
    Biggest obstacle: I am full time working mom with a toddler
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    Hello T25ers:

    I am going to start on week four next week. I did T25 in January this year and completed Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Now it's kicking my *kitten* all over again! The first time and this time, I have thought that Alpha is the hardest.

    Age: 44
    height: 5'5"
    weight 159.2
    Goal: Lost 10 pounds by new year
    Biggest obstacle: I have no problem sticking to a healthy diet or excercise program. However I am very Hypothyroid, so losing weight is virtually impossible. Have been trying for 2 years, but the scale barely budges. Hoping to get to a "healthy" weight range by year's end. Baby steps.
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    Welcome gals, great to have you with us!
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    Hello everyone! Is it too late to join? I would love to join a group where I can stay accountable. I started T25 on 11/3, so I'm on the 2nd day of Alpha - Week 3. I did p90x about 4 years ago, and I had great results with the program (lost 20lbs, 6inches off my waist, and a few inches off from other parts as well). Then, I did Insanity for maintenance until a twin pregnancy happened for my husband and me. :) I gained all of the weight back a few months after I stopped breast feeding back in January, and I'm now 3.5 months post-op from a tummy tuck (to get rid of the exercise-resistant twin belly I had goin on :) .). Since I had great results with p90x, I thought about doing it again, but the time commitment just isn't realistic for me. Lovin T25 so far!

    Age: 37
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 136.6lbs
    Goal: Get down to about 115-120 (maybe less, if my body is willing!).
    Biggest obstacle: My husband's in the military, so he leaves often. I work full-time, and at home, I'm the primary and sole parent to our twin baby girls (who just turned 1 year at the end of October). I'm super busy just like all of you! Oh... also, I love to snack.. chips, chocolate, and Taco Bell! :blush:
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    Hi! I started T25 yesterday but because I like things being even/easy, I'm just kinda doing my own thing for the rest of this week and starting officially on Monday so my workouts match the Alpha calendar.

    Stats -
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Goal: Lose 10 lbs. In 5 weeks that's the top end of a healthy loss so I'm not sure if it's very feasible.
    Biggest obstacle: Food and Consistency. I need to work on my willpower to say no to unhealthy foods, or at least have super tiny portions, and consistently work out.
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    Welcome! It's never too late to join, we're all staggered in our journeys. Feel free to add yourselves to our tracker to remain accountable!