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Hello! Thank you for participating in this challenge !

Please list your #BikeDecember goals below. Just a reminder, #BikeDecember runs on Instagram and MFP so feel free to post on either social media site (or both!!)

The rules are:
*Bike at least 50 miles in December
*Indoors or outdoors
*Post your progress AT LEAST every week (this can be via Instagram or through Mfp group posts)

Winner will be potentially anyone who successfully completes biking 50+ miles.

This is what I have so far:
cowbellsandcoffee-500 miles
ichadwick2- 325 miles
strata63-200 miles
cyclerjenn - 200 miles
buckshot500 - 200 miles
caitastic24- 100 miles
mtlprs- 150 kms
mz_getskinny - 80 miles
JinxRita-80 miles
dreamer12151 - 60 miles
chelleyislife- 50 miles


  • cyclerjenn
    cyclerjenn Posts: 835 Member
    Please put me down for 200 miles this month.
  • chelleyislife
    its been a few years for me so put me down for 50 miles. Hoping to surpass that goal =D
  • lchadwick2
    lchadwick2 Posts: 49 Member
    My goal is 325 miles.
  • JinxRita
    JinxRita Posts: 191 Member
    I think that my goal for this month will be 80 miles. I'd shoot for 100, but I know I'm already going to be gone for a week starting Wednesday, and will have little ones in town during the last week. Still pushing myself, but playing it a bit safe. :)
  • mtlprs
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    With the new job and xmas this month, it's gonna be rough. I'll try for 150 kms....
  • dreamer12151
    dreamer12151 Posts: 1,031 Member
    So for my goal is 60 miles. (may up it later, but for what I have planned out for the month, I should be able to accomplish that)
  • mz_getskinny
    mz_getskinny Posts: 258 Member
    80 miles for me :)
  • cowbellsandcoffee
    cowbellsandcoffee Posts: 2,975 Member
    Back at it to get some motivation. Put me in for 500 miles.
  • oscardenn
    oscardenn Posts: 4 Member
    Put me down for 300km about 200 miles