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caitastic24 Posts: 674 Member
Welcome to #BikeDecember!!!

I'm Caitlin and I am excited to begin a new biking month!!!

Please post fairly regularly (at least once a week to qualify for the prize at the end). The official rules are under Announcements. Utilize the group and share your goals/progress/frustrations/etc. as we go along. I will always get back to you if you have any questions for me :)

Please post a brief introduction below to get us started.

Thanks again for joining in! :-)


  • cyclerjenn
    cyclerjenn Posts: 833 Member
    HI I'm Jenn! I'm a single mom of 2, with a high demand job in IT that usually keeps me busy and off the bike. I love to ride and am trying to get back into racing shape for the 2015 season. I would love to race again because it helps me cope with the demands of my life.
  • chelleyislife
    Hi! I'm Rachelle. Mom to my 3 year old daughter. I haven't consistently gotten on my bike since before my pregnancy. I would love to get peddling again and get back into shape. I plan to start off with my at home recumbent bike.
  • lchadwick2
    lchadwick2 Posts: 49 Member
    Hi! I'm Les. I got into biking a few years ago when I busted my knee. Now I'm working up to run an Iron Man. The weather's not cooperating for riding but I've got my bike set up on a trainer until the spring. I ride a Trek 1200 with aero bars. It's not a Tri bike but it gets me from point A to point B (which is usually point A again) just fine. I use Strava and have it sync here with MyFitnessPal.
  • JinxRita
    JinxRita Posts: 191 Member
    Hello, everyone! I'm Megan, and have discovered a love for my stationary bike this past year. My overall goal is to eventually bike the 1,338 miles that separate my long distance boyfriend and myself. <3

    I'm hoping that next year (when it's warm again) I'll have the confidence to get out there on my -real- bike and log even more miles! Does anyone have a suggestion for a device to track mileage on a mountain bike for when that time finally comes?
  • mtlprs
    mtlprs Posts: 40 Member
    I'm Rob, I love to road bike, I have put down close to 3700kms this past season. Since mid-October I have been riding indoors. I HATE ridind in my basement and find it hards to stay motivated, that's why I love this group challenge. Last month I did not reach my goal.....
  • Frannybobs
    Frannybobs Posts: 741 Member
    Hiya, I'm Fran from Manchester, England. Cycling in the winter is pretty much for transport (commuting, 6 mile journey) but hoping to get some rides in at weekends or between Christmas & New Year.
  • dreamer12151
    dreamer12151 Posts: 1,031 Member
    Helen, living in Florida. Did the October Challenge & was successful, then thought I'd do my own "challenge" in November, failing miserably! So I'm back, time to get remotivated & back on track!
  • cowbellsandcoffee
    cowbellsandcoffee Posts: 2,975 Member
    Aaron here. Living in the Midwest. Been riding off an on my whole life. I did a few of these challenges but slowly stopped due to illness, injury or lack of motivation. Currently riding road in the spring & summer and race cyclocross in the fall & winter.
  • oscardenn
    oscardenn Posts: 4 Member
    Hi im Oscar I live in New Zealand in the South Island city of Christchurch its getting into summer so good time for riding.