Gluten and arthritis

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Long story short! Hurt piriformis and ended up on anti-inflammatory. I'm non celiac GF. Came off anti inflammatory meds and have had a huge flare up since of psoriatic arthritis. Haven't had it to this degree since started losing weight and predominately (not always cos I'm stupid) eaten GF. My only reaction to gluten thus far has been drowsiness within 10-20min.

Have had 5/6months of interruption to GF diet (in other words..foods changed drastically for practical/economical reasons) prior to anit inflam meds.

Have been eating reasonably GF last few days. Circumstances back to normal. On nurofen for sore joints. Had been doing ok with just those. Tonight however I had pasta. Symptoms have gotten worse drastically. Wondering if anyone else has had such a quick reaction as far as arthritis and gluten? Possible?


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    Gluten bothers my Arthritis & Fibromyalgia almost instantly (within an hour or two - even if I'm inadvertently glutened and didn't realize it). Eating clean right away, I will still be very sore and joints swollen for at least a week. Make sure you get gluten free medications as well, talk to your pharmacist for a detailed ingredient list. Sometimes tablets use starches in their formation or some ingredients are derived from wheat etc.
    - And don't be stupid anymore, lol. It's your health we are talking about here.
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    Ah thanks for that. Gluten in meds hadn't occurred to me. Have to check vitamins too. I remembered I had a pizza one time and had such a response too but got told it wasn't possible! Felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Nice pizza though lol. It seems more accumulative for me(?) I have a tipping over point as far as joint pain. Drowsiness happens with trace amounts but the degree can vary...I'm either slightly (and then realise I'm glutened by something I wasn't aware of) or obviously because I've ventured a king htter like pasta. Then I'm looking for a nana nap!

    I read in this group too someone saying that when they've been glutened that tolerance to dairy goes down. I found that interesting because in the last few months I'd been thinking I was intolerant of that too but my diet was so out of whack.

    So yes...I'll tow the line. It's not worth it.


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    I find I can eat dairy that is predigested with no problems as long as I am GF. That means yogourts and cheeses work ok for me, but not milk or ice cream, etc. But I do know many who must be GF that cannot tolerate any cow dairy and have skin problems rashes etc from it. Hope you can feel a little more like yourself soon!
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    I almost forgot too... there are quite often wheat proteins in lipsticks and other cosmetics that may be inadvertently ingested. Be very careful of those too. So many things to think of.... it sux sometimes.
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    Thank you...cosmetics?! Who'd have thunk! But I wear rarely so all good.
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    I was diagnosed with celiac 2 years ago. My symptoms were not stomach ones, but headaches, itchy skin, and feeling very tired and very stiff (sore joints). I lost 50+ pounds and ate GF and felt so much better - BUT then depression, issues with kids, etc and I stopped caring. Gained 80 pounds, and feel like a tired 95 year old woman instead of 44. I didn't know if the joint pain and stiffness could be related to the gluten, but I guess it might. I am 3 days into GF again - I feel a little better, but don't know if I can keep it up - I like food.
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    Hi All,

    Yes, gluten can definitely cause arthritis pain to worsen.

    I know that it seems very hard to stay gf but life is so much easier not being sick. I heard a great quote that said "Being sick is hard. Being healthy is hard. Pick your hard". It is so true. I choose being healthy over being sick any day of the week.

    I have the same kind of wrist issues. They did not come up until recently. For me, however, it is a bit more of a puzzle to figure out. Some celiacs are more prone to develop arthritis even with maintaining 100% gf. That sucks. I also have a serious spinal issue that is responsible for creating weak wrists (bone spurs pushing on nerves that affect my back and wrists). My wrists are very easily injured. I have one in a brace right now until we rule out a break. If it is not a break, the next thing to look into is arthritis. ARG.

    I am not worried about the answer, I worry when I only have questions. For those who already have answers... run with it. Understand that in order not to get sick you need to be very strict with yourself. Gluten intolerance or celiac is not something to take lightly. When we need to be gf, it is not something to follow in order to loose weight, it is a serious health issue that can have horrendous effects if left untreated. There is no "cheating" or "just a little". Getting inadvertently glutened is a whole different situation than bringing it on yourself. This is a great place to help you be informed, like canadjineh's advice re: meds and cosmetics.

    @tlelizondo - I completely understand your frustration and being disheartened. Please understand that if you do not make your health a priority, then the crap life throws at you will be even more difficult to handle. There is lots of support here and we are all happy to provide strategies and encouragement. It is hard, but doable. I am sending you a "high 5" for getting back on the wagon. Some good strategies and support will help you stay there.

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    I must admit I dont even have the temptation to risk a tiny bit as it takes so long to recover and yes it is difficult when everyone can eat stuff and you cant but its really not worth risking it especially if you have bee diagnoised with coeliacs.
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    Yeah, it's never worth the risk... and yes when you eat GF properly it does make the rest of your life easier to handle. Also don't forget when we are talking cosmetics we also mean noncolour types like facial moisturizers/sunscreens, lip balms, etc. :s
  • Hi, friends. Have just joined GF group. Have been gluten-free for over a yr. Struggled with the symptoms all of you mentioned. Was @ a point a year ago, I could barely walk, joint pain, brain fog, etc. Just thought I would note that many people have corn & its byproducts. Takes much longer to eliminate from body. I just thought it may be a consideration in your a pursuit to relieve pain. Merry Christmas and many healthy blessings. :D
  • Oops, messed up on finishing corn note.....should read ' many people have corn & its byproduct allergies. I found I have this, as well.'
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    I appreciate the couple of comments about compliance 100% on gluten. Particularly with Coeliacs which ATM I'm considered free from. I must say I have shaken my head at myself lately too. I can understand Coeliac folks frustration with what may seem like a blasé attitude.

    I went from reasonable abstinence to complete craziness and while I put it down to unusual circumstance (family staying..combination of events) in the past this would not have disturbed my rhythm. I do seem to have a threshold limit as I said. Small amounts of gluten = small reaction that I can work through. Large amounts repeatedly and well, I've gotta do a hell of a lot of readjustment to get back from that and I kick myself time and again. I think for me, part of the problem is a lack of urgency about it, particularly from Doctors.

    Having said that I also tell're 45yo for goodness react,,,stop messing around. If it were one of my kids, there'd be no second guessing would there? The bare fact is if they were knocked for a six by gluten, it'd be out of their diet ASAP even if I couldn't find the absolute answer to it.

    Then I think, apart from the joints, the need to sleep is cerebral. Can't be good on that level can it?

    Anyhow, since I made this post, the arthritis has improved somewhat. A larger issue seems to be that the meds I was on for four days gave me a rebound effect. Fixed the problem I took them for but smashed the PSA. Next time I visit the Docs I'll run this by him. Gradually it's gotten slightly better week to week.

    I've been in touch with a dietician. Back on an anti-inflammatory diet and GF. Not 100% over Christmas but that's the goal this year. I needed focus and quite honestly with all the crap that goes on in the forums, it really rattled me. I ran a couple of studies by her and her validation cheered me. I shouldn't need it but all the same it gave me traction. If you see me ever on a gluten thread PM me "mission abort NOW!"
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    -Skim- Glad your arthritis has improved a bit. Often we have to do our own research and I find the best places are Medscape (Health Care Providers' Continuing Ed site) and PubMed where you can get free abstracts of scientific studies that have been done. Legit sites and your docs can follow up themselves if need be to update their own understanding.
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    My arthritis - as a 29 yo female in otherwise good health - went away when I went GF. Completely. I'd just spent 2 years on/off Vicodin for the amount of pain I was in. No one should have to do that. It can take 6-8 weeks for you to start feeling better after a slip.

    And if you're diagnosed Celiacs - you're playing with fire when you eat Gluten. You put yourself at SO much risk. Eating any - and I mean ANY - amount of gluten destroys the Vili in your intestines, puts you at risk for any number of problems. The least of which meaning you don't get proper nutrition from your food, and the greatest is putting yourself at risk for certain cancers.

    If you know that if your child had this disease, or even intolerance, and you KNOW you wouldn't let them deviate from the diet... then why do you allow yourself? I know its rough, socially and emotionally, but if you don't care for yourself, who will?

    I have not intentionally eaten gluten in 5 years or so. The times I've been glutened are so miserable, I cannot imagine intentionally doing that to myself. I *know* people think I'm overly dramatic, especially family (because, after all, I ate all that stuff before and was "fine"), but its seriously SO damaging. The worst part is always some doctor that rolls their eyes when you say you're GF, and doesn't take you seriously. I've had to go through the whole lengthy list over and over before, all those symptoms that disappeared. I am not diagnosed with Celiac, but I have spoken in length with a GI who heartily agreed that doing the test (which I requested loooong before I went GF) would be too detrimental to my health based on what I explained to her.

    Keep on the diet, and live that healthier life!!
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    I've been GF for almost 3 years years. When I do eat gluten my hands will start hurting within an hour. Then they will hurt for days. I definitely have a reaction in my joints and I could sleep the whole day away.

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    I have psoriatic arthritis as well. I was put on a autoimmune diet Jan. 1 of this year. This includes gluten, but one big thing eliminating nightshades (white flesh potatoes, tomatoes, peppers (all), paprika, etc). I have been doing better in just 14 days, still have a long way to go. I say this if you are still having issues after going GF. I have found most GF breads use potato starch.
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    Good point, CND2008! I did a nightshades elimination many years ago along with dairy and any 'candida-overgrowth causing' foods. Nightshades & dairy didn't seem to make much difference for me, but maybe because it was the gluten all along? Anyhow, we know what works for us now and that's what counts! The bread I buy is made mainly with brown rice, hemp, flax, and tapioca starch, with only a little bit of potato starch in it.