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  • EmaleeMahand
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    Hi! Got engaged May 25th and am planning for May 30th, 2015! I'm so excited, but still want to lose some weight.

    When I went to college I gained about 30 lbs (I wish it was only the Freshman 15). I decided to get healthier when I started dating my fiance. I lost 20 lbs before the proposal (24 as of today), but am having a hard time with the last 6 (would actually like to lose 10 more lbs).

    I know I still have time to lose it, but I want to get (and stay) motivated! I already bought my dress, even though I was totally terrified to even try on dresses. Now it's just about looking better in it, and making sure I impress the hubs on our honeymoon! Any advice or motivation would be fantastic! Add me so we can get to being the hott brides we know we can be!
  • lisaloll
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    Hi everyone!
    I got engaged last weekend (July 27th) and we will be having our wedding May 16th 2015. I have been trying to lose weight for awhile but now I really want to kick it in gear!! We decided a few month ago we wanted to be married next May so I have been trying to lose weight but after the proposal it makes me want to take this more seriously. I want to be healthy and look my best for myself and my soon to be husband.
  • Hey guys! Got engaged in December. Just started cracking down on the wedding planning. Our wedding date is August 1st, 2015! I've been trying to lose weight and begin a healthier lifestyle for awhile but the wedding has really made me motivated! Feel free to add me as a friend, could always use more support :)
  • nicoleelaine7
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    Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found this message board, I got engaged Memorial Day weekend 2014 and I'm getting married in June 2015- my goal is to lose about 20 pounds. I'm looking for any tips and tricks of how you ladies have lost weight or plan on losing weight :) have any of you had success with ballet barre courses? I bought the DVDs for barre3 and I am about to start on those. Also, in September I am starting a 2 week "cleanse" type of diet that is all real, whole foods and is low carb. You still eat around 1200-1600 calories a day and you do a lot of the preparation on the weekend so it's easy during the week. If anyone else is interested I can send you the plan, it would be easier to have encouragement along the way! Congrats on all your engagements!
  • mollyrconnolly
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    Morning All!! :)

    My name is Molly and I got engaged on 5/24 to the most amazing man! We are getting married 8/22/15 in a gorgeous tented reception. i have a huge road ahead of me but i'm taking it day by day. I am changing my lifestyle dramatically and i need to loose a significant amount of weight.

    I'm looking for some people on here who are on the same type of journey i am. I figure it might be easier with people to lean on and motivate each other. Please friend me if you are looking for the same support.

    Good luck to everyone!!
  • SsetAdnama
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    Congrats brides-to-be!
  • Partylikelizkeeler
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    I'm getting married August 15, 2015.
    Almost to my goal now just trying to maintain more or less.

    Congrats and good luck ladies!
  • vball1121
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    Hey everyone getting married next May 30, 2015. Please add me on here or if you like Facebook I'm going to create a bridal "bootycamp" on Facebook as well. Please message me if you'd like to join for some meal plans, work outs, and inspirational quote (and the occasional selfie). As an ex collegiate athlete I work best with a team so any motivation I can get from you is appreciated!
  • FutureMrs0515
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    Congratulations! My fiance and I got engaged August 24, 2013 (almost a whole year ago now)! We are getting married in May 2015. It just happened to work out that way - my cousin is getting married in September and I didn't want to take away from her wedding, plus we loved having all this extra time. We just booked our last vendor on Friday!

    I have my dress (got it in January) but have been really working hard to get fit this summer!
  • I'm getting married in June 2015! Bought my dress and i need to lose 6 inches minimum off my waist to fit into it. I need some people who will motivate me and support me on voyage to lose weight! The more i lose the better as we also plan to start trying for a baby after we get married so the weight loss will help with that too. Please add me and become my support network to lose weight
  • Congrats to all you ladies!! I am getting married September 2015. My dress fits me now, but if I lose 3 dress sizes, that means they can't take it in anymore and will have to literally give me a smaller dress. IT WOULD FEEL SO GOOD.
  • Tamois
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    So my restart didn't last long so I'm back on again today! Yes, we're older too, Paul was 51 yesterday and I'm 46 so we're not in any rush. However, the summer of 2014 is over so we only have a year to lose the weight, save the money and plan everything! How are you doing?
  • Engaged since October 2013, getting married in Limerick in Ireland on 23/05/2015. Have my dress already, it fits perfectly at 67-68kg where I'm at now, but I was hoping to lose around another 5kg for running/triathlon reasons! We're both 30 and busy saving away.
  • JessieBlom
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    Hello all,

    Yay for all of us getting Married!!! <3
    My date is Aug.29th.
    Need to loss 50+ pounds.

    Anyone have a good work out that I could Use? x
  • megroto
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    Sept 2015 Bride here. I've lost over 40 pounds with MFP, hoping to loose an additional 20. I was there last winter before we were engaged and gained it all back. Had been doing Atkins and while the weight dropped it all came back too quickly. Looking to add some friends for motivation and kick up my workout game. Good luck to us all!
  • 13Strong
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    I got engaged in June(?) whenever the Full Strawberry / Rose Moon was this year (2014)

    Our date is set to 10/17/2015. I'd like to lose 10-15lbs by January, and then maybe another 10 after that prior to the wedding. I don't want to lose so much I'll have to stress about dress alternations.

    For me, losing weight is more getting fit for the honey moon! I want to go to Belize and go swimming in the ocean! :)
  • mo6691
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    June 5, 2015. Would like to lose 20 pounds
  • mcallister1012
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    My wedding is March 29,2015 which is coming up super quick ! I have lost a total of 11 pounds , would like to lose another 15-20. Feel free to add for moral supper and encouragement !
  • MegE_N
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    Hey ladies I thought I would check in here. Since I started in April 2014 I've lost 55lbs, with another 55lbs ideally to go. Likely going to go dress shopping in March, which will have me down 70lbs of my overall 110lbs goal. October 2015 here I come!

    How's everyone else doing?
  • 13Strong
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    @neffme: I've lost 16lbs, (but I weigh in tomorrow so might be less with the holidays). I'm going dress shopping end of January. Honestly I really just want to gain more endurance/strength for my honeymoon than look good for my wedding, lol. :) Hoping to swim in the ocean!