2015- Who is still here?

mamarundrc Posts: 1,577 Member
Good morning! Happy New Year. I am just curious as to who is still lurking around this group. We have ~4300 members but very few people seem to still check in regularly. Is there anything that we can do that would make you more likely to check in more often? I would love to make this group a nice support network. So let me know if you are still here (even if you are just a lurker) and what you would like to see in this group (if anything).


  • jemsurf
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    I'm still here. I actively check this group and agree that I would like to see more involvement from members. I think part of the problem is that when using the app on our phones we don't have access to the groups. I'm guessing most people log from their phones?
  • Steffie782000
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    I am here as well. I check in all the time and hope to get more involved instead of lurking. Happy New Year!
  • I just started today. And I plan on being involved! Also if you log on through your phone you can still be involved in the group discussions as I am now. At least with galaxy you can :smile:
  • jemsurf
    jemsurf Posts: 168 Member
    Oh my gosh, you just opened up so many possibilities!!! I never even looked on my phone to see if you could see group discussions. Thank you :-)
  • HatherM
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    I'm back :) I'll be more active as I need to get back on this, last year I slipped. .. loads going on, but 2015 I plan to be more focused on my health x
  • GinNJuice75
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    I joined awhile back but was just checking out groups today and well here i am.
  • asweigart
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    Hi I'm here just joined.
  • JRIV60
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    I am here Dani. It's been a crazy few months for me however I am where I feel I am able to get back to the basics so to speak. Looking forward to 2015 girl! :0)
  • kimunv
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    I just joined today but would like to add some support for the new year
  • ravenzwart
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    I am also still here. I'm starting again. This group is a bit inactive (so i became a lurker) and when i am logging i usually log via the phone. But i want get active again (sort of new years resolution).

    Naybe we need some themes that match are age group? (I'm just writing aloud). But for the people who want support, feel free to add me.
  • petefromguelph
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    Back to logging - tried to start on Jan 1 so I could go for the 365 consecutive days! Got a membership last month to the Y so have been going there as often as I can (gotta love 2 hours of free daycare!!) - I find the ONLY way to success is by meticulously logging with a food scale. I definitely have not perfected the ability to "eyeball portion sizes". Status report - gained 10 lbs over the past few months when I fell off the wagon. That INCLUDES the holidays. Got about 20 lbs or so to lose to be in my desired weight range.
  • HatherM
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    Great to see more activity on here recently :smiley:

    For those new to the group welcome & feel free to join in our challenges & offer any suggestions, it all helps.

    I'm finding it easier to be more active on the groups now that MFP have added them to the mobile apps YAY!
  • mamarundrc
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    I am so glad to see so many people still checking in and we are growing more and more everyday. Feel free to add me if you are looking for someone who is consistantly logging and tries to be as supportive as possible.
  • an111111
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    hi ive just rejoined today and found your group,i need a fresh start and look forword to the support .
  • mamarundrc
    mamarundrc Posts: 1,577 Member
    JRIV60 wrote: »
    I am here Dani. It's been a crazy few months for me however I am where I feel I am able to get back to the basics so to speak. Looking forward to 2015 girl! :0)

    So glad to see you back!
  • larosa217
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    I'm new here, but looking forward to being a part of this group.
  • Bettyboag
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    Hi everyone I'm in too
  • 100andOnward
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    I check in occasionally. I really like how you've set up the challenges.
  • CMenendez
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    my mobile app for windows doesn't have the groups available, but i'm here!
  • Roughgalaxy
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    I don't think it has anything to do with you, but the lack of group support from MFP itself. Group activity never shows up in your feed, and isn't available on mobile.