Where do you workout?



  • janeeley68
    janeeley68 Posts: 40 Member
    I workout at Hammer Bodies Custom Fitness. They are excellent there and also include nutrition. Every plan is designed specifically for you. I have lost 62 pounds with them.
  • KStyleFitness
    KStyleFitness Posts: 46 Member
    Emerosn YMCA a few days a week, I teach Turbo Kick at K.I.S.S. Fitness in Florissant, and I also like to walk at a few area parks
  • briyowes
    briyowes Posts: 757 Member
    Curves in Ferguson, TurboKick at K.I.S.S. Fitness Studio in Florissant, and workouts at home
  • cbarns
    cbarns Posts: 19
    Club Fitness in Flo. Kinda small there but i go early before people get there
  • ginnyz1
    ginnyz1 Posts: 49
    So far my main workout is walking the dog or riding my bike at the confluence area in North County. A daily dose of nature helps keep me sane. I'd love to find a cycling group for beginners or other casual cyclists.
  • BrettWithPKU
    BrettWithPKU Posts: 575 Member
    Club Fitness at Hampton Village, or Francis Park in South City, depending on my mood and the weather.
  • kmmealey
    kmmealey Posts: 76 Member
    Club Fitness in O'Fallon, MO
  • CarrieStL
    CarrieStL Posts: 162 Member
    I take Zumba, go to a local bootcamp, and bike Forest Park/Creve Coeur Lake when I can. I also do the stairs at CC Lake a couple times/month.
  • Whart0603
    Whart0603 Posts: 92 Member
    Club Fitness, St. Peters.
  • tuckerrj
    tuckerrj Posts: 1,453 Member
    Gotta mix it up, or I get bored. There's RiverChase (weightlifting), Fenton City Park (running), elliptical (my basement), Berry Hill GC (golf), Hwy 66 Park just east of Eureka (biking). But I'm always looking for something new and/or different.
  • Gutter19
    Gutter19 Posts: 141
    Moved recently and started working out at Complete Fitness in Lake Saint Louis.
  • mjterp
    mjterp Posts: 655 Member
    Basement treadmill/total gym, The Pointe at Ballwin Commons, and the great outdoors (my favorite when the weather is good!)

    I love going for walks through various parks, too. Sculpture Park has some great trails! (great for ingress, too!)
  • jdub224
    jdub224 Posts: 120
    Club Fitness on 5th Street or 94 Hwy. Katy Trail, My Neighborhood or the gym at our church in Ferguson for Insanity!
  • ScottGut
    ScottGut Posts: 10 Member
    Complete Fitness in Lake Saint Louis, my basement and neighborhood streets, sidewalks and trails.
  • Morgaath
    Morgaath Posts: 679 Member
    Club Fitness on 5th Street in St. Charles MO
    Walking the dogs on the streets or KATY trail.
    Walking and walking and walking at various scifi/gamer conventions as I work at them. Just finished Star Wars Celebration in Germany, getting ready for GenCon in Indy.
  • Badger618
    Badger618 Posts: 65 Member
    Club Fitness in Wood River
  • mjohemme
    mjohemme Posts: 353 Member
    Downtown Y and my work offers zumba a couple times a week so I do that, too. Also, qigong in the park at Tower Grove on Saturday mornings.
  • ascrit
    ascrit Posts: 770 Member
    CrossFit South City and occasionally Gold's Gym
  • eAddict
    eAddict Posts: 212 Member
    Just joined Gold's Gym. I go at least a hour a day. Also did a pack of personal trainer sessions. The PT I have is great. My goals are (a) flexibility and (b) Scuba Certification (have to swim to get certified!)
  • BrettWithPKU
    BrettWithPKU Posts: 575 Member
    Creve Coeur Park (year-around except winter), the subdivisions of Maryland Heights (winter), and Club Fitness Creve Coeur (when weather's bad).