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Thorbjornn Posts: 329 Member
Actually two questions:
  1. Does anyone track macros in Paleo?
  2. Do you eat root vegs like 'taters, turnips, parsnips?

That's all. :)


  • cindytw
    cindytw Posts: 1,027 Member
    I do track macros, and I only eat those things when I am being "naughty" because I have a 'tater problem, and because they don't generally fit my macros. I can gorge myslf on potatoes and do a lot of damage!
  • Thorbjornn
    Thorbjornn Posts: 329 Member
    Thanks. I'm trying to settle on an optimum macro ratio, if that's even possible. I may be over-thinking the whole thing.
  • Sumiblue
    Sumiblue Posts: 1,597 Member
    I am tracking macros because I am trying to lose weight as well as get healthier. I eat sweet potatoes but not white. I don't like turnips enough to buy them and I do like parsnips but don't buy them often. I know a friend of mine lost 30 lbs on paleo and ate lots of sweet potatoes and beets. But she was very strict, followed Kresser's Personal Paleo Code to the letter. Only grass fed meat, eggs, zero dairy. I can't afford to eat so much grass fed meat.
  • each_day_stronger
    each_day_stronger Posts: 191 Member
    From what I've read I feel like this all really depends on what your goals are and how your body works. I'm no expert but it seems that I feel the best and have the best performance in the gym when I'm eating some carby things (but not too much). But I lose weight much more quickly when I drop into keto and ditch all the carbz. At the moment I'm allowing them and ensuring I keep them below 25% which is hardly a huge cut, but for me seems good at the moment, though I think I might try dropping lower as I stall out. I like mark sisson's carbohydrate curve:
  • homesweeths
    homesweeths Posts: 792 Member
    I eat sweet potatoes, but not potatoes. That's because I'm following auto-immune protocol (AIP). I've found nightshades cause me joint pain. I track macros, mainly because it helps me get *enough* calories. When I'm eating primal/paleo, the food is so satisfying that sometimes I'll end the day under 800 calories and not realize it unless I'm keeping track. I try for 50-60% fat calories, under 75g carbs, and 80-100g protein per day.
  • racheljonel
    racheljonel Posts: 400 Member
    I've been off track with my macros for a bit, but I aim for 50% fat, 30% protein and 20% carbs. I do eat starchy veggies once in awhile, including white potatoes. I pretty much stay away from fruit, though.
  • nikkicole84
    I have mine set at 15% 30% 55% c/p/f. That's after quite a bit of math. I haven't followed it long enough to hack it, so I know what's ideal for me.
  • Shelby1970
    Shelby1970 Posts: 2 Member
    edited January 2015
    I track my macros. I used the Primal Blueprint chapter 8 as a guide in setting my optimal settings. Mine are 15% 25% 60%. c/p/f
  • judiness101
    judiness101 Posts: 119 Member
    I do track my macros as well. I aim for 10% carbs, 25% proteins and 65% fat.

    I also make sure I have enough fibers and focus on high fiber vedgies. If I go too low I do not get enough fiber.
  • smallpalehuman
    smallpalehuman Posts: 38 Member
    My macros goals are set to 10% carbs15% protein 75% fat - I eat root veg a few times a week but try and steer clear of potatoes. I'm unable to eat moderate amounts of sweet or white potato, they tend to trigger a wild carb loading frenzy for me. As does high-sugar fruit!
  • jeanette526
    jeanette526 Posts: 21 Member
    I'm weight training so it's 50-35-15 p/c/f. Most carbs are from vegetables/rice/yams.
  • mmnormand
    mmnormand Posts: 16 Member
    I love parsnips so they are like a treat for me, same with a good japanese sweet potato. I like to toss in a higher carb day every once in awhile so that usually means root vegetables. I eat cooked then chilled potatoes sometimes for the resistant starch. My macros are pretty close to everyone else's (15/25/60 c/p/f). I track them off and on just to keep my honest.
  • fitnessbugg
    fitnessbugg Posts: 141 Member
    I have mine set at 10/20/70. I'm in beast mode right now. Keeping track of everything.
  • johjeff
    johjeff Posts: 14 Member
    I have my goal set for 20/30/50 (c/p/f) but sadly I don't reach it very often. Maybe I'll get better with practice. I have only been working toward the Primal lifestyle for 6 months. Might be time to do a Whole 30.
  • miriamtob
    miriamtob Posts: 436 Member
    I've been tinkering a lot with the macros. Have them set at 15/20/65 cpf. I eat root veggies because they are such a great winter food. I think I won't be eating so many once the weather warms up and I suspect my fat intake will go down then too.