Weigh-In Wk 15 & Results for Wk #14

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Week #15 Weigh-In reminder: Please enter your weight in the Weigh-In Tab only. The spreadsheet has been changed so that the weights entered in the Weigh-In Tab will automatically flow into the Wk Tab. Manual entry is not necessary in the Wk Tab anymore. :)

Week #15 Weigh-In Link: - NOW OPEN

To access the link, either click on it or copy & paste it into your browser.

As always, if you have trouble entering your weight, you can enter your weight here in this thread, or you can contact me or you can contact your Team Leader and we will enter your weight for you. :)

Week 14 Results:
Week #14 Team Loser: WARRIOR ALL STARS
Week #14 Individual Loser: Mspmpayne-Team CALORIE KILLER TRAINERS

Congratulations to the WARRIOR ALL STARS for being the Team Loser for Week 14!

Congratulations to Mspmpayne-Team CALORIE KILLER TRAINERS for being Individual Loser Week 14!


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