Warrior All Stars - CHAT (Wk 15 01/08-01/15)

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Hi Everyone! Don't know if you are watching the show already or not...but how exciting for them tonight! Take a minute & think how good it will feel once you reach that same point...to have accomplished so much.

So here's a little silly, have at it.

Practice your personal, custom victory dance you will do when you reach your goal weight. Will it be a back flip like those football players? Have some fun & stay active :)

Remember to mention that you did it to receive points for your Team! :)


  • writemusic4him
    writemusic4him Posts: 312 Member
    Whew! What an intense Comeback Canyon! And then to leave it on a cliff hanger...wow...no fair :wink:
  • meganfoster12
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    This was an amazing episode; I loved it! I was so amazed at how well they looked especially Toma and Sonya: I am rooting for Sonya or Lori though!! Comeback canyon was awesome lots of competition and tension; go Woody! I can't imagine having my glory days just yet; did some cleaning while the show was on!
  • ThisCanadian
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    What a great episode!

    Sonya remains my fav and I'm really pulling for her to win. I believe that Woody won Comeback Canyon judging solely by their in their after interviews. Scoot seemed down while Woody was more relaxed. I like both contestants so it's a tough call.

    I did my victory dance too. lol.
  • andy_geek
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    My victory dance was pretty goofy, but i'll take it :)

    I liked this week's episode, it had an appropriate number of happy and warm scenes with family/friends, and also a few threatening to pull some tears :)
  • cycletrak1
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    So glad Lori wasn't sent home! She was sooooo lucky this week only losing 1 pound! The family/friends reunions were great. It's amazing how different they look after the makeovers! Now if they can just keep the weight off.

    My Victory Dance-did it!! Whoop! Whoop! Woo Hoo!!! I did it! I did it!! *jumping up and down*

  • Shell_7609
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    Loved this week, and the fact that the line disappeared so everyone could stay. Can't wait to see Bob's return next week. I danced around during the commercials to 80's music
  • meganfoster12
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    Sorry team really bad weigh in; I will be back tomorrow so expect some good things next week!
  • digger61
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    Watched the show nice make over next week will be interesting with bob back did a victory dance during the breaks
  • watersm04
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    watched the show while riding my bike. Hope Scott wins the weigh in. He's looking good!
    Did a mini victory dance after my ride
  • DonnaDTW
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    Silly dance complete...I mean victory dance :)

    How could they leave us hanging? Did not know there was so much tension between Woody & Scott. Sonya had the most dramatic makeover. Still on fence about Rob, I want to like him but ??? Still rooting for Lori!

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