Beginner Runner help!

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Hi, I'm new to running started in august with C25k and did 4 weeks then joined an online running group which I like much more. C25K was great bc it helped me gain resistance. Now I'm running 4 times a week (starting to run 5 times a week, next week) and 45 minutes each time. I started running to lose weight. I am 214 lb 5 ft 6 in female. I really enjoy running but my problem is that I am really slowww. Like when I hear people say that they run slow at 12-15 min pace, I wish I was there, that to me is a great pace. Right Now I'm at 19 minute mile pace. Now that's really slow. I want to run a 5K in december the 13th to be specific but I don't know if Il be ready. My goal is to finish in 45 minutes or less which means I need to reduce my mile to 14-15 minutes. And I want to run the whole thing. How can I do this? Do I even have a chance? How long does it take to to increase speed? Help please!


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    I tried sending you a message, but I never got a response. You will be ready to do a 5K race, but you may not make the time you are going for. THIS IS NOT A FAILURE! You're doing great! Also, have you been timing your runs? I would think that a running group would not keep track of how far they are going or what their pace was.
  • If you work on increasing distance first, even at a slow pace, you will be able to run short distances more quickly. I am a slower runner myself, and this really helped me. Another thing to try is intervals in your workout. Maybe speed up a bit for one minute, then jog slowly for two or three, and repeat that a few times in your run.
    I think that you can definitely achieve your goal by December. Good luck!
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    I agree on increasing distance. Also, I'm actually faster when I do run walk intervals than my slow easy run.
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    You've got good advice here. Focus on "I ran 5K" and don't worry about the time it took. It's a great accomplishment to run that distance without walking. Make this your main goal and feel great when you achieve it. You'll be ready to run 5K. You're doing great.
  • Way to go! I love the run-walk intervals, check out Jeff Galloway who can help you pare down your intervals to reach your target time. I use them when I have injuries.

    I totally agree with everyone here - don't focus on your time, focus on the fact that you finished!

    I noticed that your post was from October 2014 - how are you doing now?