Warrior All Stars - CHALLENGE (Wk 16 1/15-1/21)

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Week 16 Challenge (01/15 - 01/21):

After Biggest Loser ends, what are your plans to continue your weight loss/fitness journey?

Here are some ideas, what can you come up with?

Join another MFP Group.

Continue using MFP Diary and Food Journal.

Join an online group outside of MFP.

Eat Cleaner/Healthier.

Drink more Water

Join a Gym.

Group Exercise Classes.

Workout Videos.

Share your plans to earn points for your Team!

Remember to Weigh-In, Chat about the Show, do the Commercial Challenge and Show Challenge before Wednesday, January 21st, at Midnight. :)


cycletrak1 :smile:


  • cycletrak1
    cycletrak1 Posts: 607 Member
    This has been a great group! Hopefully I will continue to see you all on MFP!

    I have joined a MFP Group that recently started - it is not too late for anyone who still wants to join! :)

    The group is called "Drop 20 by Easter 2015 ~ Starts Jan. 1st". Here is the link:

    I will be continuing to use MFP for the fantastic support that I get from all of my MFP friends, as well as the Diary and Food Journal.

    I plan to continue to be mindful of what I put into my mouth!

    I plan to Drink more Water - I tend to go in spurts with this. I would like to be more consistent!

    I plan to continue to use my Workout Videos.


  • ThisCanadian
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    Once this challenge ends I will continue to use MFP. I aim to lose 6 lbs a month every month until July. I will do so by counting calories, weightlifting, jogging, and swimming 3 times per week.
  • meganfoster12
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    Once this group ends I hope to focus even more cause injuries shall be healed and continue logging on MFP
  • Shell_7609
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    I'll continue to use MFP, and try to become more active. I signed up online for a 21 day get moving challenge, and I'm starting that today
  • twinkle150
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    I will look for another group too join and look for nexts seasons Biggest Loser
  • digger61
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    I joined other groups
    I will continue to use mfp
  • watersm04
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    I joined alot of groups, too many I think. The ones that I will focus on are:
    Drop 20lbs by easter
    move your @ss challenge
  • andy_geek
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    I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for interesting and helpful MFP groups, so i'll surely be joining other groups. But may not join any that are related to competition. I'll also be participating in some fitness related groups via Meetup.com. When my bum knee heals well enough i'll also be getting back to the 5k-10k-Half Marathon plans i started with in the Fall.

  • DonnaDTW
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    Using MFP and I recently joined Planet Fitness...so I can get some walking in during these lovely NE Ohio winter days
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