How do you cope with rude players?

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You know what I'm talking about :s Unforunately, I'm very emotional, so rude interactions really get to me. Do you have any nice advice? I don't want to quit the games I like just because some people are a**holes.


  • Asheea
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    Try to ignore them or put them on /ignore. I'm very much an introvert and love playing solo or with friends more than idjits. In WoW I wouldn't do LFG or LFR because it was full of idjits. Diablo I only play solo or with my husband. I never play open to public games. It's made my play life a lot more fun and less stressful.

    Good luck! *hugs*
  • JeffInJax
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    To be honest, every single game community out there is going to have a lot of horribly rude people. Competitive team based games like league of legends or DOTA even more so. You have to learn to brush it off or ignore it entirely. People generally don't seem to care about manners when there are no consequences.
  • TheCrawlingChaos
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    I don't play many games where I'm interacting with random people. I play a little COD but I always have everybody on mute. I also used to play Smite a lot. I'may not great with many characters so occasionally I'd get yelled at by one guy taking things waaaay to seriously. When that happens I usually just exponentially increase whatever I'm doing just to screw with the person. If they can't be constructive and help people worse than them by explaining what was done wrong then screw them.

    The game doesn't mean as much to me as it does to them apparently so that's how I get back at them. Childish I guess, but also hilarious when they get even more mad, and sometimes it gets them to quit and everyone else has a better time.
  • bostonwolf
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    Ignore/block them
  • Another tip is find/research servers where the admin is like minded and is not afraid to boot the troll.
  • x_Minerva_x
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    I usually just fight fire with fire. Don't let them ruin your gaming exp. Or you could just take the high road and /ignore the player :)
  • eggcluck
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    Getting into a flame war is just pointless especially if the other side is stubborn and ignorant. These days I just ignore them but take delight if there rage is because they got but hurt. Some games are worse than others, I stay away from crap like DOTA2 where players will report you for whatever fake reason they can make up if they think the team lost because of you.

    In times gone by I used to tell them to stop or a DM/Admin would remove them, of course they would call BS and got worse so I removed them since I was the DM/Admin ^^ . But not anymore. Sometimes I wish I could still do that but its a thankless task with endless abuse from players and I do not have the free time to give to it anymore.
  • oxers
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    Depends on what kind of game you're playing. Some genres are better known for horrible people than others. In MMOs, I tend to ignore it, flag it if they won't shut the hell up, and focus on playing with people I enjoy talking to. In MOBAs... to be honest, I don't play many of them because I hate the community attitudes so so so SO much. It sucks that this *kitten* curtails my favorite hobby, but there it is. If I can't enjoy myself, there's no point in playing.

    MOBAs are the only games I've ever had that problem with, though. I choose my FPS titles based first on the game and second on the community. There are some great options out there!
  • mumblemagic
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    I generally /ignore them, and/or report them. Occasionally I might call them out on it, but usually not. SWTOR is my main game and it's primarily grown-ups, so there's not so much teenage posturing as in some other games I've played before and although you do get the odd a-hole, mostly the community feeling is really nice. Same with LOTRO. The Guild system in SWTOR seems to keep a check on rudeness and bad behaviour at top levels as Guilds don't like the bad rep of having an *kitten* in their guild and it's really hard to do endgame content if you're not in a Guild.
  • jessupbrady
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    Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that can be done about it. If you consistently play at a specific time; then you might find a few individuals that you can form a group with.
    I'm usually in SWTOR and I still play solo as much as I can. When I've been in groups no one has really talked much. However, if you don't know what you are doing they are not likely to lend a hand; they just kick you from the group. I usually try to save group quests and if I find a group i can play well with I try and go through the other quests as well with them. Usually, most of the group will keep going until all of them are done.
  • MarziPanda95
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    I don't play multiplayer games for that exact reason. People scare me too much.
  • E_Goldfish
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    I also usually /ignore in MMOs. This is a bit tougher when I play fighting games. In general, I ban myself from the headset so I either can't hear them, or just can't reply. The best response is to ignore and then win. :D
  • soldier4242
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    I love multiplayer games. I am not willing to give up on the highly rewarding experience of working together with a team of gamers to achieve a common goal. I rarely get to the point of actually /ignoring them. I do my best to change the community. My successes have been few and far between but I have had some successes.

    Some people just want some outlet to vent off the frustrations that have piled up in their real lives. Some people just act out when they know that they can speak without being seen. Some people are just *kitten*.
  • caddir
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    I play Lotro mostly, and often follow world chat but if there are jerks on there I use /ignore. I'm usually on an RP server so the is little offensive stuff, though we did have some griefers and at first the DMs were very slow about reacting, last time they were quicker.

    It annoys me that there are some ppeople who want to ruin other people's fun. I think they are mainly teenage boys.
  • LisaFlag
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    In every game I've ever played, there's a mute/ignore button.
  • DaFibble
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    I hate really nasty trolls. I just can't deal with them, not because of what they say but because their intention to hurt me or others just totally ruins a game for me. If I didn't love highly competitive games it wouldn't be an issue.

    What I tend towards nowadays is playing with people I know personally or have past good experiences with. If you're overtly friendly online its easy to build up a network of people who have a similar disposition to you. Then, if someone is being a jerk, players are more likely to pull together and kick, or simply ignore, some idiot who is trying to ruin everyone's fun.
  • kiragami
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    I block them but if you're stuck in a game just ignore them.
  • c0untingsheep
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    Mute or block the person. I try not to feed their need for attention.
  • AtomicCupcake1
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    I'm the same Way, and I just got a clan of my friends together and we all played in party chat every night. So much fun!
  • ayamagali
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    I don't get hurt by them, but I'll report if they're totally obnoxious and rude and clogging up the rest of what I should hear/read! GTAV can be brutal :s