Elder Scrolls Online F2P March 17

BattleTaxi Posts: 752 Member
Just FYI Elder Scrolls Online is going Free to Play in March. The PC version is on sale at Amazon for $23.49 (normally $60). AND you can pre-order PS4/XBox One versions now (to be released in June)!!! :D


  • twinkles2121
    twinkles2121 Posts: 137 Member
    Yay Finally! I've been wanting to check this one out, but I just can't bring myself to shell out a monthly fee for a game.
  • BattleTaxi
    BattleTaxi Posts: 752 Member
    It was worth the monthly at launch, I am hoping with it going f2p a larger community will return. I know of a few friends that will play it now that monthly sub will be gone in march!
  • feisty_bucket
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    Wait - by F2P, do you mean "buy to play" (like Guild Wars 2) or completely F2P (ie: download, microtransactions, etc.). And if that's the case, why would you buy it from Amazon?
  • Azurite27
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  • feisty_bucket
    feisty_bucket Posts: 1,039 Member
    ^Right on Azurite, that's cool. I'm a big fan of B2P MMOs, like Guild Wars and The Secret World. It's great having the game there whenever you want, without the commitment and expense of a subscription. But also without the balance-screwing nickel-and-diming typical of F2P microtransactions.

    Looking at Amazon though, there's a ridiculous situation. The physical copy is $19, but the PC download is $60! In 2015, I'd much rather just download the dang thing than have another box to drag around.
  • brandiuntz
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    I may finally check it out!
  • cccoursey
    cccoursey Posts: 116 Member
    I already own the collectors edition and while I never really got into the game as much as I had hoped. B2P may make me give it another shot.
  • Slimithy
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    I plan on playing it on PS4 this summer. I played the beta on my PC back in the day and I just don't think my hardware was beefy enough to really run it well. I'm also part of a larger community on PS4 that I will be able to play with.
  • xSassy71x
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    I played the Beta on pc also and just could not get used to the camera controls. I love Elder Scrolls and may give this game 1 more shot if I get a controller or a PS4 even.
  • x_Minerva_x
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    This is FANTASTIC news! I bought the game and paid for the sub for awhile, but the player base died out, and I got bored with the game as I was around VR 6 or 7 and the zones were dead.

    If it is going free to play, I will certainly return, and I hope many others will do the same. I am even more thrilled to hear it's more specifically going buy to play like GW2, which I feel is an awesome model.

    This post has effectively made my day!