Calorie Killer Trainers - FINALE CHALLENGE (Wk 17 01/22-01/28)

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Week 17 Extra Finale Show Challenge (01/22 - 01/28):

Hey gang! Jodee, 12qw34, had a great idea for this week, as next week is the Season Finale. Thank you Jodee!

Part 1: Set a mini-goal that ends with the Finale:
The sky is the limit, but here are some ideas:
Workout every day
Lose 2 lbs
Not eat sweets
Drink more water
Stop/Reduce sugary drinks

Part 2 – Reward yourself
Tell how you plan to reward yourself (non-food related) for completing your mini-goal. Make it something that will help you stay motivated on achieving the goal that you decided upon.

Here are some ideas, but be creative. Your Reward doesn’t have to be about buying something. Your Reward could be just being kind to yourself:
Maybe it’s “me” time relaxing and listening to some of your favorite music
Maybe a nice long soak in the tub
Go to a favorite Museum
Get a New Outfit
Get a Manicure
See a Movie

Part 1 – Post your mini-goal and your planned reward for 1 Team Point

Part 2 – Remember to go to the '(Part 2) RESULTS FINALE' thread to share the results of your mini-goal and when you plan to reward yourself for 1 more Team Point.

Remember to Weigh-In, Chat about the Show, do the Reflection Commercial Challenge and EXTRA Finale Show Challenge before Wednesday, January 28th, at Midnight. :)


cycletrak1 :)


  • lifeisspiffy
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    Mini-goal this week, eat fruit every day for a snack instead of other things. I have grapes and apples and bananas in the house so I will eat at least one a day. If I do this, I am going to look on amazon for a new movie or book to buy. I have an amazon gift card that I can't quite decide what to use it on.
  • 12qw34
    12qw34 Posts: 139 Member
    I will continue to workout every day! I am really finding this to help me stick to my calorie goal. Exercise is also helping me to not get stressed out. I will buy a new pair of running shoes if I do this. I will deserve them! Because let's just say Rob could not handle my upcoming week!
  • Mspmpayne
    Mspmpayne Posts: 267 Member
    Hmmmmm....... I always seem to want to side step cardio in favor of weight training. Because of that I am going to pledge to myself to do 10 miles of walking before next Wednesday in addition to my regular gym visits.
    If I accomplish that I think I will by myself that Biggest Loser Boot Camp book they showed tonight.
  • joeysgirl10
    joeysgirl10 Posts: 106 Member
    My mini goal is to swim 2 times next week.

    Also to get into the nautlis room twice.

    My reward will be a new pair of sneaks... god do I need them so I better get to it!!!

    PS Jodee... so funny just read your reward... great minds thinks alike
  • 3athlt
    3athlt Posts: 131 Member
    My mini-goals this week:
    Continue to work out every day.. and the big one of no late night snacks when I get home from work. Those late nite calories are killing me!

    My reward to buy one of those juicers and start using it ASAP. I not very good about eating green veggies and a juicer might be the ticket to getting that done.
  • Cbanjo
    Cbanjo Posts: 557 Member
    My mini goal this week is to continue to workout daily and burn minimum od 1,000 per day. My big goal is to jog and walk at least 6miles a day. As for reward, is to sleep all day on Sunday.
  • Baby43204
    Baby43204 Posts: 123 Member
    my mini goal is to lose 2 pounds and eat more veggies and if i am able to do this i will buy myself some new clothes cause mine is falling off me and i have to keep pulling them up even if a belt.
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