A new year a new you Week 5, 8, 12 Challenge: Measure success: FIT TEST

mamarundrc Posts: 1,577 Member
Okay, this would have made sense to do this the first week but I didn't think of it then. We are constantly talking about finding ways to measure success by means other than the scale. One good way is improved cardiovascular health and strength. I challenge you to a fit test. We will do this Week 5, Again at the end of Feb (week 8) and then the last week of the challenge (Week 12). We can compare results ( and use week 12 for a baseline for the spring challenge).

Fit Test
fastest mile (timed): walk, run, jog, mixed just push yourself as fast as you can go

How many in one minute (can be modified just specify how it was modified)
Jumping jacks
Sit ups
push ups

Post your results here and then we will see how much we can improve upon this throughout the challenge.