Morning Bloodsugars

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So, I am having a bit of a problem. My morning blood sugars are always within the 120-130 range in the mornings even without carbs the previous nights. I know this is not ideal. I take 30 units of lantus before bed time and no insulin at meals if my blood sugar is below 150. I have asked my doctor if I should be taking any humalog with my meals if I know I am going to be having some carbs and she says no. I feel like I should. Is there anything I can do to lower those morning sugars?


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    Although any of us could share our experiences with you, it is going to be difficult for anyone here to answer your question because (at least from my perspective, because I don't know you) there are so many unknowns to your situation.

    What I can say is this (and please forgive me if I'm repeating stuff you've already heard):

    Insulin resistance is a hallmark of T2 diabetes. Reducing insulin resistance is key, because it reduces blood glucose by allowing your cells to use the insulin in your system. This is why many T2s are prescribed Metformin, a drug that lowers insulin resistance. Losing weight, regular exercise, and diet are also key to reducing insulin resistance.

    Morning blood sugars are often higher than expected because your liver tends to dump glucose into your system at night, to maintain your glucose levels during your overnight "fast" as you sleep. Some people find that a bedtime snack Insulin resistance keeps your body from using that glucose effectively, raising your blood sugar. In addition, that unused insulin remains in your system; too much insulin can be counterproductive, because it can make insulin resistance worse, among other things. In my experience, it also packs on the pounds.

    My short answer: If you aren't already doing a regular exercise program (both cardio and muscle building), I've found it really effective--ask your doctor. If you think you need additional medication, ask your doctor to talk to you about all the options and which might be suitable for you to try. I hope they have some good recommendations for you.

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    You are T1. So your medical regimen is different than the one for T2. Diet and fitness will help a great deal. For the dawn effect - high sugar glucose in the morning - consult your doctor to see if you need adjustments. good luck.