marken999 Posts: 15 Member
Started taking a cinnamon supplement. Ceylon type which is supposed to be less damaging to your liver. Twice a day 600mg. per dose. Anyone taking cinnamon and does it help you, also any side effects?(I just love the pharma commercials on TV, by the time they finish listing the side effects, I've usually forgotten what it was supposed to cure)


  • ankalime
    ankalime Posts: 56 Member
    I take 8 g of cinnamon a day. Personally, I think it helps, but I've never tried to tease out its effects from those of the other supplements and drugs I take. I haven't had any adverse effects that I am aware of either.
  • Scorpiotwin
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    A few years ago I was taking cinnamon religiously my blood sugar dropped dramatically. I used Andrew Lessmans from HSN. I'm actually considering going back on it when I get some extra cash or when it goes on sale.
  • NewBeginningBren
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    I just ordered some off Amazon, and also ordered a plain cinnamon tea, thought that might be good.