Bariatric Surgery Myths

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Part of my nutrition education through my dietician was to watch this bariatric surgeon's video. Here's one on Surgery Myths. They seem to make a lot of sense to me. Was wondering what other people's thoughts might be?


  • cheekitty
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    It mostly made sense to me, but I don't understand why he's saying seltzer is A-OK but diet soda isn't. (Beyond the slippery slope into bad habits)

    I am hopeful that eventually I can readd seltzer, because I really enjoy a bit of fizz in my water. But if I can't, c'est la vie.
  • Bugged53
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    This is the exact opposite of what my doctor says. So who do we believe.?
  • pawoodhull
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    My doctor said no carbonation because it expands in the stomach so for bypass patients can restretch and for those with the sleeve, since there's nothing to stretch, it can be painfull and if you have it before you are healed can cause major leak issues. That said, I'm sleeved and the only flavored water I drink is carbonated. I get very uncomfortable from carbonation so I shake out the carbonation. I'm sure I still get a little, but not enough to cause a problem.
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    I can't do carbonation. I get super bloated and it's uncomfortable. It's not something I even want to try at this point! (9 months)
  • Kleona29
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    I think that was interesting. I'm a little unsure about the carbonation. I think I'll skip that for awhile to be on the safe side. But I really liked his focus on listening to your body. That's a skill I need to learn. Also, I worry about stepping right back into my addictions so I'll focus on that also. Thanks for sharing.
  • SibylDiane
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    I have tried carbonated drinks on a few occasions -- glass of champagne at Christmas. I love champagne and will probably do this again (I am almost two years out btw). But it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and weird in my stomach. I have no interest in doing this on a regular basis or trying something like soda or beer. I don't believe it is stretching anything but it is not comfortable for me. Also, I just don't really think soda or beer or anything along those lines is particularly good for you.
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    Bugged53 wrote: »
    This is the exact opposite of what my doctor says. So who do we believe.?

    I watched the video and this Dr is consistent with my Dr and most of the people on this list.
    Every Dr can pursue his own theory that's what it means to practice medicine. Most Dr's work collaboratively with each other to establish best practices. What I heard very clearly was we are all different and to listen to our bodies.

    Randy. (registered nurse)
  • KarlaYP
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    I agree with Randy, and everyone else, that we learn what is right for us. No general concepts will work the same for all. Find your good life and love yourself through it all! Best to all!
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    I agree with the school of thought that carbonation causes bloating and discomfort. I choose not to drink it because there is absolutely no nutritional value and doesn't count towards fluid consumption.