What are you using for your light and heavy weights?

jpkrueger Posts: 280 Member
Currently I'm using 2 lbs. for the light, and 5 for the heavy. But I think that's a bit too light, even for weak old me. Thinking of using my 5 lb. for the light and getting either an 8 or 10 for the heavy. Thoughts?


  • dawnkwiatek
    dawnkwiatek Posts: 324 Member
    I'm on week #2 and right now I am using 5 and 8. Last week some of that was hard, this week it is much better. I could probably use a 10 for some of the exercises.
  • SatiaRenee
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    I am constantly pushing myself into injuries so I promised myself (and my husband) I would only use 3 & 5 lbs this time through. After the 3 weeks, depending on how I feel and how well I'm handling doing 21DF with PiYo, I may bump up to 5 & 8lbs.

    I injured my knee last summer due to my over enthusiasm so, when my physical therapist said I could use my stationary bike, I was thrilled. Then she said "But only for 30 minutes, on the easiest setting, and don't exceed 70rpms." Ugh. But I've gradually moved up to the fifth level and I can get in more rpms now. I just had to build up much more slowly than I think I should. And therein lies the problem. I think after a week or two, I should start pushing myself more when it's better and safer for me to build up more gradually. So once a month is my plan. In May, assuming I feel as I do now, I'll go up to slightly heavier weights. In June, same thing. I just don't want to spend another summer in pain and not exercising.
  • jpkrueger
    jpkrueger Posts: 280 Member
    Thanks for the info. How cool that you are getting stronger!!!
  • cupcake570
    cupcake570 Posts: 86 Member
    5 & 8 lbs
  • jpkrueger
    jpkrueger Posts: 280 Member
    Thanks everyone! Think I will go for the 8 lb. weights and my 5 lb ones will become my light ones.
  • bfay1101
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    Usually 5 & 8 but sometimes I use 10's for squats