not losing weight

After exercising and not losing weight many times i told myself I'm not stepping on the scale... so i took my measurements a month and half ago and now my tight pants are becoming looser! :D


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    Excellent, way to go! :D I've been exercising 3 weeks and tracking meals for 1, not seen any change yet but that's what I'm hoping for - I'm determined not to buy bigger clothes! Keep up the good work!
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    I like your approach. If the scales aren't working for you chuck them out! I became a daily weigh in addict years ago, sometimes it's good, other times it's not. Fortunately I don't get emotional over what the scales say. If it's high and I'm trying to lose weight then I know there's work to do. I pay more attention to the longer term, how heavy am I this month compared to last month.
    The one thing I will recommend for anyone losing weight is get outside and do something. The key two words "Outside" and "Do." Sure I may be subliminally telling you to exercise but don't get hung up on that word which often carries so many negative memories. Find something you like to do and go do it. Walking is great. I don't mean you have to go out an power walk for 5 hours a day, sweating till you have nothing left to sweat. I mean go for a walk. Maybe around the local block, maybe around a park, just go at your own pace, have a look at things around you. "See" what is nearby. Don't focus on the walk, focus on what's around.
    For me I used to love to cycle as a kid, and it was that enjoyment, and those memories that got me back on a bike at 130kg (286lb). I've lost over 40kg including losing the 41st kilo so many times it's not funny. One thing that has remained is I love to ride. I now also love to walk, and swim, and run, so have developed goals from that but these come over time.
    Enjoy yourself out there.
  • I have the same battle with the scale. I have gone from complete couch potato to dieting and now exercising. When I was just watching my calories, I lost 15 pounds in 50 days. I was weighing myself every couple weeks. I then decided to start exercising. I gained 2 pounds in my first week. I lost one of them but have stayed there. I am doing a "rapid weight loss" zumba program that's 6 days a week and I'm getting 10,000 steps a day. Not seeing the scale go down is frustrating, but I decided to measure myself to track weight loss. I'm down 2 pants sizes and I can tell a difference which I'm thrilled with. I'd just still like to see the number I set in my mind reflected on the scale. I'm learning to let it go. I don't want to let that be a reason I give up.
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    Sadly im a slave to the scale. I hadn't weighed in two weeks. Today I felt thinner got on tje scale and it hasnt moved :( I worked pretty hard to see nothing . I ended up sabotaging myself with food today for the first time in my MfP journey. Tomorrow is a new day and I will stick with this!
    Congrats on the looser pants and good attitude
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    Hi , I'm a newbie to the community :) and also a slave to the scales.
    I have used mfp before on several occasions, usually around this time of year when I decide it's time to start counting the kcals because the Christmas pud is still sitting around my waistline.
    I exercise regularly but not religiously, and always increase my running as the weather warms up.
    One thing I know is that with an increase in exercise comes an increase in muscle mass, which can lead to an increase in weight or a period of maintaining weight while still cutting down on the kcals...
    Muscle is more dense and heavier than fat.
    You can look and feel slimmer yet still be the same weight..... Don't despair !

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    Hi All! The not losing weight is common, but that doesnt make it any easier. I was loking fo some motivation and stumbled upon this link to a discussion board with a video of Shaun T. that helped with some of the frustration.
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    I used to weigh all the time too. It was very frustrating when the scale didn't move like I thought it should. What I learned is that our bodies can fluctuate with water weight up to even 8 pounds a day sometimes. If we're weight training, we will sometimes gain weight. The scale lies! I've learned the best way to gauge your progress is to take body measurements and note how your clothes are fitting. I bought a Vivosmart fitness band to help me see how many calories I burn a day and tracking my calories consumed on MFP. It really helps to see exactly what my numbers are. I've also had a fitbit which works great too.
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    Measurements are always the way to go! I hate the scale. It's mean
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    Getting bored with my treadmill and exercise dvd's! I gotta find something fun to do...
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    I need to lose 34 lbs. Started 3 wks ago lost 4 lbs. I need help getting my metabolism to start working. Any suggestions?
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    @nickimz0425 Make sure you're eating enough. Do your calculations for calorie intake etc. Enter your info in MFP and it should come up with a number for you. Should be pretty accurate.
    I'm doing the 21 day Fix Extreme right now (almost done first round of it) and I didn't realize when I started how much food I needed to eat.
    EAT BREAKFAST! Once you start eating regularly your metabolism will kick in.
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    Exercise helps your body and mind, relieves stress and helps one to age slower. But your weight loss, scale wise, will always come down to what you eat and how much of it.