Movin May Sign-Ups open

Auna37 Posts: 708 Member
We've got an exciting and challenging month planned for May as we will be standing up against sitting disease! You've no doubt heard how bad sitting is for your health and even if we exercise, prolonged sitting has serious health consequences. So let's all get a move on in May and find ways to sit less and move more next month. It will be our Movin' in May challenge! What makes this challenge especially exciting is that the resources and platform we will be using to help us sit less and move more were inspired by a group of MFP friends! Yep, it doesn't get more homegrown than this. Sign up today to be part of Movin' in May!

I will post more the first day of May and there really isn't an excuse to do this one unless you have a severe medical condition...So I expect a big turn out! :)