NSV of sorts...

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I have been working for my current employer for a couple of months. The industry I work in tends to be a small world, with people going from one company to another as projects come up, so people tend to cross paths over the years. Today I saw two guys that I worked with a few years ago. One of them I had also worked with at another company ten years prior, so we go back a long way. Neither one of them recognized me right away! They were looking at me like, "I know you but I can't place you!". It took them a moment to get their bearings and realize it was me. One of them said, "As soon as you started talking, I knew it was you!" (I'm not sure how I should take that lol). It's a pretty good feeling knowing that I have made such a dramatic change on the outside, and I definitely feel like I've made equal changes on the inside!


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    Yeah!! Good for you!!
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    That's great!
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    That's awesome!
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    I play volleyball and have or years and one of the last games I had I overheard this guy telling the other guy how I used to be big...lol now if they would just say something to me!
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    Definitely a NSV!! Having to practically introduce yourself to someone you have known so long! Way to go girl! And jove it's coming ;)
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    I had something similar happen last year. It really does make you feel good! That's a great NSV!!