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    Hi, I just finished my 6months supervised weight loss program and they submitted the request today to United Healthcare for the gastric sleeve. My BMI is 45. 1 and I was looking for a group to join. This has been a long 6mos, actually 7mos because in December my father in law passed away so I didn't get to go to the doctor that month. But I have to say I think the 6mos is a good thing to get your mind right and better eating habits developed.
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    Hey. I am 6 months out from vsg 12/4/2014. I feel as though the surgery saved my life. Like others have said it'd so important to start taking baby steps in doing what your surgeon or Dr tells you. Do it now so it's not a shock. I still have issues with eating and drinking. Feel free to add me. I'm 72 pounds down. Hoping to hit 100 pounds this summer!
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    Danielle, that is fantastic!!! Wow, everyone sounds like they are doing great. I am very excited and know that it is going to be a good thing for me.
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    This is a great site to get information and support, but remember that your surgeon's rules have to be followed, especially if there is any doubt about being approved for the surgery. The six months of dietician and physician monitored diet was so helpful to me. I had done weight watchers for YEARS, but the motivation to qualify for this surgery is what got me really committed to losing the weight. I have been a slow loser since the surgery with about a 3 week "stall???" with no weight loss at the start. I didn't think it would ever happen. Patience is something you will need to develop too. I am down 17 lbs since May 7 and nearly 60 since my first doctor appointment in November. You can do this and we are here to support you!!!
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    Thank you. :)

    During the consultation they go basically go over what the surgery is, what it will do for you, why you need it, and to see if you're ready for the first steps of the process. There's usually a psychological interview as well.

    If your physician has sent you to a bariatric surgeon for a consultation, chances are you'll be approved. Especially if you have other issues tied to your weight. It doesn't take much to prove that it is medically necessary. (And insurance companies love it when they can save money....and they see nothing but dollar signs when they hear bariatrics.)

    Thanks for the info. I had my blood work up done by my PCP. I will see him again on Wed for the results of the blood workup. I am anxious to find out if my thyroid is messed up and if I am diabetic. I tried to get lapband in 2008 and was told I could have the surgery but my insurance wouldn't pay for the fills. So this time I am going to try for the sleeve and with his new insurance I hope I get approval.