Healthy things to eat?

PannyTheBug Posts: 98 Member
I need suggestions on healthy things I can eat. I am trying to maintain my weight and I don't really have any ideas as to what will keep me healthy. Thanks


  • YellowApple666
    YellowApple666 Posts: 35 Member
    You can eat whatever you want, IMHO :smile:
    Personally, I make sure I get a lot of veggies, a good source of protein (lean meat and greek yogurt, usually) and fresh fruit every day. I'm struggling a bit with healthy fats but I'm working on it. Once I've had those things, I fill the rest of my calories with whatever I want. I eat pasta and ice cream at least 3 times a week and I have successfully lost weight!
  • katnoir1
    katnoir1 Posts: 128 Member
    Good rule of thumb is to eat mostly things that are as close to their natural state as possible - fruits, veg, lean meats, nuts, etc. If it comes in a box or has any ingredients that you don't know what they are, best to keep it to a minimum.