Anyone have the Up3?



  • laydeneko
    laydeneko Posts: 54 Member
    Hello! I'm thinking of getting the UP3 through work's discount program, but I am mainly looking for the heart rate feature and sleep monitor. Can anyone tell me if the updated firmware has been released and how well it works if it has been?
  • scottgeba
    scottgeba Posts: 9 Member
    the sleep monitoring is pretty good (you have to set it to sleep mode). No real time HR yet, there was a firmware that fixed a few things like touch response, sleep tracking and making the band last longer (5 to 7 days), but no real time HR tracking yet
  • Jobeth1961
    Jobeth1961 Posts: 40 Member
    I've had my Up3 for 6 weeks and gone from 2000 steps a day to 10-12k a day. I love it. I have my lazy alert set Mon-Fri 9am-7pm for every 15 minutes of inactivity and it never fails. I have had no problems. It links with MFP without any hitches. The Jawbone website shows videos of how to charge, put it on (took a while first time!) and generally make the most of it. As 'just a stepper' I can't give any information about other work outs. It records my sleep/night wakes really well as well as resting heart rate. I like the encouraging notes they send me daily.
  • pinkytoes33
    pinkytoes33 Posts: 23 Member
    Just started using the UP3 after my UP 24 died. I've noticed my steps are WAYY lower... I don't know it's because it's more accurate or missing lots of my steps. I guess with weight loss goals, it's better to underestimate activity that overestimate it --- but I still wish my steps were more precise.
  • teede3bee
    teede3bee Posts: 6 Member
    I have it. Bought it a few days ago after reading about the improvements that were made to address some of the issues with the band at launch. I previously had the UP24 and liked it, but wanted the heart rate feature. Now that I have it, I'm not sure it's worth it and don't know if I will keep the UP3 or return it.

    I have the opposite problem of everyone else it seems. Lots of comments say that their band might under-report. I believe mine over reports. I say that because I was sitting in a cab tonight with the app open and watched the step count progressively increase in my ride home. All in all while in the cab my band registered about 300 steps!