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First I would like to say thank you to degeorgeff for starting this for us!!! I am looking forward to the accountability this will bring. And excited to meet new friends.

As we are about to start August I think this is a good time to start this discussion:

So I really struggle with breakfast. I understand the importance but it is just so hard for me to eat in the morning. I am usually just not hungry, and find it very difficult to "force" myself to eat something. Anyone else struggling with this issue, or been able to overcome it? Any and all advice or suggestions welcome.



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    I used to never eat breakfast....just wasn't hungry until I'd been up for a couple hours. I started getting things that didn't feel like I was eating much and having them on the way to work to get my metabolism going again and hold me until lunchtime. I tend to get things like Slim Fast shakes, or you can buy other healthy meal replacement shakes to blend. Or zone bars to eat on the way to work. I like all of those, and they don't feel like a big heavy breakfast, plus they require zero prep time, so you can just grab and eat/drink in the car on the way to work.
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    Meal timing is irrelevant (aside from any medical issues that may require it). If you're not a breakfast eater, you don't have to eat it. As long as you're meeting your calorie goals, you're okay.

    Personally, I have to eat a little something with some protein in the morning. If I don't, I find myself snacking or wanting to snack all day. However, there are people who find the exact opposite to be true.

    Do what works for you! :)

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    I agree with the last post. I used to make myself have breakfast early. But I found I was hungrier during the day. Now I typically wait until 9. If I need something earlier I have a banana.
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    So I really struggle with breakfast. I understand the importance but it is just so hard for me to eat in the morning. I am usually just not hungry, and find it very difficult to "force" myself to eat something.


    Recent studies are showing that breakfast really isn't that important...although the breakfast food manufacturers don't like people to say that! ;) You know that whole "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" thing? Yeah, that's just PR and not scientifically proven.

    Here is an excellent article written by John Berardi about this issue (with links to actual studies):

    Personally, I've been skipping breakfast (but NOT my morning coffee) the last month or so and guess what:

    --I workout better in a fasted state.
    --I eat less the rest of the day.
    --I have WAY less cravings for carbs and sweets.
    --I am losing a healthy 1 lb. per week.

    So, if you NEED breakfast, eat a healthy breakfast. If you don't, then skip it!

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    I have to wait a couple of hours before I eat anything. I typically just eat a serving of greek yogurt to get some protein in my system. Just a little something so I'm not starving by lunchtime. Although, some mornings I'm starving for no obvious reason and I will grab a BelVita breakfast biscuit in addition to my yogurt.
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    For me personally, I don't feel hungry first-thing, but if I don't eat something for breakfast, I end up way over-eating at lunch or having unhealthy afternoon snacks because I felt fine and then let myself get to the point of ravenous before eating....and then it's hard to stop. But like they've said, it's really what works for you. I've found that something small on the way to work tides me over and helps me make better lunch/afternoon choices. You may have to play with it both ways and pay attention to if your eating over the entire day changes one way or another based on whether you ate breakfast or not. :)
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    @shangates92 when do you work out?
    I'm not hungry in the morning either. I get up and workout at 6:30/7am, then when my kids have breakfast around 9 I have my first coffee, then eat breakfast, have lunch around 2 and that gets me to dinner around 6.

    Seriously, why is dinner 6 hours away from lunch, but lunch is only 3 hours from breakfast?
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    I was never a breakfast person either. But now I get up and have my coffe before anything. I need that just to start my day. I workout early in the morning and get home with an appetite for breakfast.
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    Thanks all, so obviously breakfast is the least of my worries for now. So I won't stress about it. LOL
    @SarahJurina so I do not presently have a steady workout schedule. I recently had surgery and haven't been 100% cleared yet. But I did used to workout first thing in the morning and that is my preferable time. Hoping to get there soon!!

    P.S. - why can't coffe just be the breakfast of champions?!
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    I mix chocolate whey protein powder with coffee and a little almond milk, sometimes I throw a banana in too. I find it's easier to drink breakfast sometimes and this tastes like coffee!
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    I've been drinking Soylent. It comes in 250 calorie scoops, so I can have as much or as little as I want, though I usually drink about 500 calories worth. Since its nearly liquid, its not very hard to prepare, and I can down it on my way to work. Not exactly quality eating time, but it gets the job done lol.
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    Breakfast is very important. You can use the website. It's the academy of nutrition and dietetics website, as well as an evidence based resource. There's tons of free information!
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    @rdtalon, I can't believe there is an actual product named after that sci-fi movie. Really? I would be super suspicious and not want to eat it at all. Maybe you don't remember Soylent Green. The premise was a food product to end hunger, but it turned out to be made from humans. EW!

    But I digress. I am a breakfast eater, always have been. I love cereal, but it usually causes me to get hungry too quickly throughout the day. I tried eating high protein: eggs, bacon, omelets, but then my cholesterol went up. So now I just get up and if I am hungry I eat, if not I wait until lunch and have a good sized meal, big salad, some kind of protein, a cooked veggie and some fruit. Works for me!
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    A Nutribullet blast with spinach, pineapple, berries, water and a half scoop of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein at 6am does me. Started those a few months back and I find that it and a cup of coffee mean I can go until lunch time without thinking too seriously about snacking. Before the Nutribullet, I would have skipped breakfast first thing, waiting until I got to work for 8am to buy the latte plus pastry or buttery toast deal next door.
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    I agree with most everyone else here that are saying that you have to do what's right for you. If you're not a big breakfast eater, eat when it feels right. But if you find yourself starving at lunch time and over eating, you might want to consider something light earlier. I have been told that I must eat before I work out or go out for a run, but all that does is make it harder to keep a good pace and sometimes gives me a stomach ache. So I have water and eat after my shower. That feels best for me so heck with the "experts"!!!

    Too funny about Soylent!!! Hubby and I just watched that movie recently. Classic!!!!!
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    Though I have not seen the movie personally, I was aware of it lol. It would not surprise me if they named it that just for the hype it would cause. Especially given that it contains no soy. Mostly rice and potato starches and such. Kinda tastes like cold, grainy, runny, cream of wheat.
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    Like others have said, you don't have to eat breakfast. I do, however, and I don't like to eat long after I wake up. My typical breakfast is ...
    - 1/4 cup oats
    - 1/2 serving vanilla protein powder
    - 1 tablespoon peanut butter
    - 1 serving chia seeds
    - Sometimes I add a banana
    Mix in water (or milk) and microwave all of it except PB and banana for a minute. Add the rest after that.
    If you want to make this even easier, you can pre-mix it in the evening, put in the fridge, and then heat it up in the morning.

    If I want less sweet, I go with stir-fry veggies (I know, odd in the AM, but who said veggies are only for dinner?), a scrambled egg, and some salsa.

    Oh, and coffee! Lots of coffee! :)

    Hope that helps!

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    Occasionally, I have an egg puffy, a couple pieces of Turkey bacon and a cup of fruit, pineapple, watermelon and cantaloupe
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    I like breakfast food, any time of day, but I'm never honestly hungry when I wake up. Tried making myself for a while and ended up snacking the rest of the day. Now I just wait till I'm hungry, which can sometimes be 3pm, but it works for me.
    My 6yo son Has to eat the moment he wakes, and will not let up till ya feed him. My husband won't eat till his morning break around 930, and my 11yo daughter varies, but usually wants soup for breakfast about 2 hours after waking lol.
    School starts in 3 days though, so she will have to adjust :)
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    I have a very hard time eating breakfast too. I usually wake up at 8am every day and go to the gym at 9:30am so I make myself drink Muscle Milk to get protein so I'm not so tired during the workout. I've always had a hard time eating in the mornings, I even have problems eating during the day. Sometimes I wake up too late for breakfast too.