Anyone done this while pregnant?

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Hi All,
I've been a silent member of this group for a while now.
I started doing NROL4W and towards the end of stage 1 found out that I was pregnant (a little sooner than I had planned)!
I am now in my last week of stage 2 and hoping to keep going as long as possible without hurting myself or bub.

I'm just wondering if there is anybody out there who has done this program while pregnant and what suggestions you might have. Last week, I had to stop doing anything on my stomach, as it is getting uncomfortable (I'm only 12 weeks but this is my 4th bub, so everything is starting to pop!).

This is the first time I've ever done any weight training and I'm really enjoying it, despite feeling tired so I would love to keep going. I have found that on days that I do workout, the morning sickness is better.

Thanks in advance.


  • ThomasWright1997
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    Don't weight train while pregnant.

    What if you dropped the bar while bench pressing?

    What about deadlifts - that's a fair amoun T of pressure on the spine - poor baby lives in there.

    Just put off training until you have the baby, and do your research in between times.

    I'm no doctor, but it doesn't sound good to me.
  • jo_marnes
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    Sorry but the above post is BS.

    You can totally train whilst pregnant. Just speak to your maternity care providers and a physio to assess what specific things to avoid. I train and I'm a midwife - but each person is an individual and has their own needs. So speak to your health professionals - but don't stop training.
  • Pudding1980
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    My OB always told me to continue what I had been doing pre-pregnancy as long as I felt okay, but that it wasn't a time to start anything new. I still lifted weights and modified as I went along.
  • patf1979
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    Thanks for the comments. I am now in week 14 of my pregnancy and have spoken to midwife, doc, and PT about all this and they have all said that it should be ok to keep going as I was already doing this pre-pregnancy. The PT has given me some suggestions on how to modify if it starts to get too uncomfortable or straining. I have stopped doing 45Kg deadlifts, as it felt quite uncomfortable (this is bub#4 so my belly's already growing!). The PT that I spoke to has had 4 kids of her own and has been very helpful. I am being careful and baby's wellbeing is my first priority, so I will be keeping a close eye on everything.
    I have noticed that the nausea is almost non-existant on the days that I do workout, so that's been a big motivation!