What odd or interesting things have you seen or found during your rides?

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Over the years I've seen or found some interesting things. Most recently, just 2 days ago I found an iphone in the bike lane. It was dead but went home and charged it and it had service so I waited for a call, the owner called and I answered and they came and picked it up. They were very thankful.

Other things I've found were a lot of CD's. I assume they were scratched and the owner chucked it out of the window.

I once found some US dollars in the ditch. $8 in total. a $5 and 3 $1 dollar bills. Score!

Also once saw a grown man standing at the end of his driveway, he was inside of a box that a washing machine comes in. He had cut outs for arms and legs. he was just standing there doing a dance for the people that passed by. I def did a double take on that one.


  • TheBigYin
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    A fibreglass Cow guarding a Biplane

    14204569112_0d466efdbf_o.jpgMoo... by The Big Yin, on Flickr
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    Friday morning, I saw a squirrel eating a leather glove.
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    Definitely fits the odd category!
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    I saw a top fuel dragster sitting along the side of the road, for sale. It was the real deal, too. I am trying to find the photo I posted on fb but can't. >_<

    Also, the Mystery Machine. LOL
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    A bike shrine in the middle of nowhere, Pringle, SD
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    I've found a couple of wallets that I turned into the local police station. I also found a 5 gallon water container (the type campers use). It was an interesting experience trying to carry that home. I have done a little rummage sale shopping while biking. It severely limits what a person can buy. When biking to work, I found a complete ratchet set. I've come across a lot of turtles in the road, as well as turkeys, deer, and small animals. I almost had a collision with a low flying goose. (So close, I was ducking --a very near miss.) Got pooped on by seagulls, several times....

    My most unusual experience came in the days when I was in-line skating. I was actually chased by an emu. I did a double-take when I saw it running towards me from across a farmer's field. It ran after me for a little while and then parallel to me as I skated. After it quit chasing me, I stopped and watched it for awhile. I had a hard time believing what I was seeing. Later, I found out it had escaped from a local emu farm.
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    Let's see...multiple TVs in various states of (dis)repair, multiple car bumpers, too much trash and a couch. Not sure how they got the couch to where it was, but it took determination! Add in the various wildlife, rabbits, foxes, elk, horses (wild and domestic), turkeys, Redneckicas Idioticas, riding is never boring! I see most of the stuff when off the beaten path though, although the Redneckicas Idioticas and their older evolutionary cousin Snowbirdicant Drivewell inundate this area in the summer so encounters are relatively common. ;)
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    I love these stories! Nothing terribly odd for me, but interesting: Saturday's ride with my riding group, we moved this huge group of cow elk and their calves, looked like the entire forest was slowly moving away from us, so many we could hardly pick out an individual, but they were really well hidden in the dense forest. Anyway, they were walking slowly away from us, with the mama elk doing their whinny-ing calls, and the calves responding. It was like the entire forest turned into this chorus of elk sounds. We all got off our bikes and just stood and listened for about 15 - 20 minutes. They kept it up, dozens calling at any one moment, the entire time. Felt like we were in Nature's Cathedral or something. I've seen elk hundreds of times, gone hunting, viewing, you name it, and I've never heard what I heard this past week. It was amazing and we were all pretty awestruck.
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    I think the weirdest thing I found was while riding to work through Oakland, an elderly gentleman with no pants or underwear crossed the street right in front of me and just smiled and said "Good Morning!" like nothing was abnormal.
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    A few years ago my son and I were riding up a country road when a very large turkey (and I mean huge) appeared and decided to pace us up the climb. He didn't seem particularly threating, but more curious. He ambled along about 20 feet behind us for at least a 1/4 mile and when we stopped to get a better look at him, he just stood there looking back at us. This lasted about a minute, and when we started to get going again he just turned back and trotted off into the field.
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    LOL these are some great stories. Thanks for sharing.
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    Local bike path, road up on a group of Blue Heron, they scatted, but one left down the path I was riding. I caught up with it when he was head height airborne. I could feel the wind from his wings. HUGE up that close.
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    Saw this hot air balloon while riding today. I lost it then when I found it again 30 minutes later it had apparently made an emergency landing in a neighborhood cul-de-sac. Strange because it wasn't windy at all and there where plenty of open areas close by.



    And now the police have arrived.


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    A squirrel tail. It had been on the road so long that it was dry and didn't smell so I picked it up and tied it to the seat post of my bike. It was there for over a year. I took my bike to the shop and the shop owners cat pulled it off and the owner thought his kitten had killed a squirrel. haha
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    Here is the news link with some video about the balloon story.

  • m1xm0d3
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    Local airport about 2 miles from home. Makes for some awesome sky traffic quite often.

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    I saw 3 other bikers today; unusual because I usually don't see any other bikers. I had a snake and a squirrel cross in front of me a couple of weeks ago.
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    I once found a loaded .45ACP semi-auto pistol in a holster with extra magazine. Had to turn it in to the Sheriff due to it being listed in an active case.
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    Saw a bike coming down the road towards me (I was in my truck) with nice bright lights. I was wondering what kind he was using until I passed him and saw that he had a flashlight in each hand! They were effective but looked like it would be difficult to control your bike and brake too!
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    brocantrs wrote: »
    Saw a bike coming down the road towards me (I was in my truck) with nice bright lights. I was wondering what kind he was using until I passed him and saw that he had a flashlight in each hand! They were effective but looked like it would be difficult to control your bike and brake too!
    Now the Fred in me is saying this guy needs to duct tape them to the handlebars!