100 pounds lost -- progress picture

I'm currently at 102 pounds lost, with another 70 pounds to go. I started at 337 pounds and I was in a size 26 dresses/bottoms -- now I'm in 18's (and some 16's). I was wearing (or trying to wear) Maurice's size 4's at the start, but they barely fit (most actually didn't fit at all, but size 4 was the largest they went to) -- now I'm in their XXL's (and some 1's and 2's, depending on the style). To say that Gastric Bypass has changed my life for the better is a giant understatement. It didn't just change my life - it SAVED my life!! I am so grateful for this tool. I cannot even begin to express how I feel. I've attached a progress picture. I am amazed at how far I've come.