Ladies! Period = Cravings ??!!

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Hi ladies!!
Whenever Aunt Flow comes for a visit, or even when she is about to, my scales start tilting further away than where I want it to be and talk about sudden belly increase??? Sometimes it is to the point that some guys on the subway will think I am pregnant and give up their spots....;( I mean not that isn't enough...let's talk about CRAVINGS???!!! I actually don't really like sweets. I m a protein BBQ and carb craving type of gal...but then Aunt Flow comes into hands are reaching out for sweets!!!! Like banana pudding, cupcakes, ice cream and all the goodies!!!
Tell me there are you ladies out there who go through similar thing month after month!! How do you go through this time of the month? Or what are your word of wisdom you can share???


  • mnsmov15
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    This is me :) It happens to me almost exactly 10 days before my period actually begins. Whole of last year I almost gained 2lbs during this time and never lost it and gained 2 more come next month. I feel like I am always hungry during that week, and I cannot stop grazing on salty snacks. Even when I am almost full and thirsty I continue to feel the need to eat sometimes - So not funny! :(
    I started paying attention to the time, and recognizing it and embracing it helped me. All this year, I have done better. I workout - more cardio and choose to be busier than usual weeks during this time and. Recognizing it and allowing my planned meals to have more snacks, but smaller lunch and dinner proportion than usual has helped.
    I walk more, take bath and eat more frequently during this time - the basic goal for me during this week is to maintain my weight without gaining.
    My body/tummy turns squishier than usual and drinking little more water than usual seems to help me with that. Hope this helps!
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    The reason I tend to crave sweets is more mental. I start thinking I deserve a whole cake to myself because I'm going through (or getting ready to go through) hell LOL. But I've learned to go grocery shopping right before this happens and make sure my kitchen is stocked with a ton of fruit and all sorts of things to make protein shakes with. So if I have a craving, I'll gladly reach for that stuff. Bonus is I don't feel as guilty or upset stomach over that as I would wallowing in self putting cramming cake in my face haha So that positively feeds my mental state to keep exercising as well. Some days just plain suck and there's not helping it. But I do good 90% of the time
    Now (compared to 0 before) so it's been a huge NSV!
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    Birth control helped me a lot dealing with PMS symptoms, but I still feel a bit bloated and hungrier than usual before my fake period comes. I keep telling myself it's just a mental thing and it will be over soon, I make sure I get my exercise done and I focus on getting a lot of veggies, fruit and lean protein so that I can feel more full with less calories and I can fit a few more treats.
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    I, too, follow some of what @YellowApple666 plan. I try to eat a TON of veggies and low cal snacks while I PMS. I really don't pay much attention to macros during that time, just calorie intake.

    I never had a problem with PMS until I had my 3rd baby, though. I've since gotten my hormones checked and am in the process of balancing them out to where they should be and my PMS has gotten a TON better! I've also heard evening primrose oil helps with PMS symptoms...
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    No specific cravings, but some months I am so hungry I could eat the world and not be satisfied!
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    I thought I was the only one!! I literally have chocolate/carbohydrate cravings 10-12 days before I start my period. And it's bad. It's like crack for a junkie lol!! I do t know how to stop it!! Help!
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    I get massive sweet cravings when I'm hormonal! usually I try and plan ahead by making some sweet-yet-not-too-unhealthy treats to eat, like frozen banana "ice cream" or low carb brownies.
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    I used to experience some of these same symptoms and after i began working out, eating right and take a shake each morning it has helped me tremendously with energy and food cravings not only during this special time of the month but always which is a good thing :)
  • rumijs
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    I used to get really bad cravings. I eventually realized that for me, the cravings were more mental than actual. Because I'd tell myself, this is BS, this is hell, I DESERVE a pint (or two or three) of ice cream! lol! What has helped me is instead of grabbing the icecream (or whatever else I want to shovel in haha) I make a dense protein shake. HIts my chocolaty peanutbutter craving (that's usually what my craving is lol) and it's very filling. And I get the mental check off of having some chocolate ;)
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    I don't think I even have intense cravings anymore, except for once of twice, but I'm legitimately, with pangs. I'm a runner, so I need extra carbs during this time. I just try to avoid the scale. I swear one day I woke up 3 lbs heavier than when I went to bed. I don't think the laws of physics apply to women during TOM.
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    For me it can vary a bit but generally speaking it's the ol' chocolate/carbs combo - gotta have it no matter what! Other times it's less specific but just a general I-am-so-hungry-I-will-keep-eating-and-eating-and-never-be-full, so not sure which one is worse tbh. I have found that upping my protein does help, I either make a thick shake or have some protein pudding or a bar - I have found some great stuff on that helpfully doesn't taste like 'diet' food so it curbs the chocolate/carb or eating-everything-in-sight cravings. As for water weight, man some months I can fluctuate by as much as 5-7lbs easily (made worse if I am packing in the carbs at the time). Ah the joys of being a laydee!!
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    I am super hungry during ovulation rather than menstruation. I try to eat very low calorie foods (celery, carrot sticks, herbal tea) because I know that it doesn't matter what I eat (I have tried upping fats then protein, then carbs) I will be heading to the fridge long before my next meal is due.

    I am usually lethargic too and struggle to get the motivation to put the effort into my workouts. I gain about 1.5kg (3 pounds).

    It lasts about 4 days then everything is back to normal. The weight drops off gradually over the next couple of days (its just water).
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    I was just thinking the same types of things today! I am about to start and have been using mfp for 2 weeks and a day or two ago I began to feel so hungery! I've been eating the same ever since starting the diet so I know it has to be TOM. I was so starving after work today! But I maybe starving but am not going over calories!
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    A lot of times when we have cravings and are just down right hungrier during our period is because our bodies are burning more calories to perform the job of the cycle. I got brought the exact same thing where I just want to eat every sweet thing in the house, and not only gain water weight, but actual weight from excess calories. I try to combat it by drinking a ton of water to fill me up so I'm not as hungry, and working out to sweat out any of the excess water I'm carrying. I hope this helps! Also when I am craving sweets I try to eat a piece of 75-80% dark chocolate. It's so rich that it fights a lot of my cravings!
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    I really like the special k brown sugar protein cereal! 3/4 c. 110 calories - I will put it in a bowl and snack on it while I watch tv- it does tear up the roof of my mouth! Lol but who cares!
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    I had my first day of my period today and I literally haven't stopped eating. Nothing is filling me up. Always get like this to be fair though!
  • jruck371
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    I had my first day of my period today and I literally haven't stopped eating. Nothing is filling me up. Always get like this to be fair though!

    Me too :( its seriously the worst because other times of the month I can just add in another 100 cal if I'm still hungry, but during the first couple days of my period I feel like I could add in another 2000cal and not even make a dent in my hunger
  • TriciaArvanis
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    I know that this is about a year and a half old, but what I like to do is stock up on Fiber1 "Treats" that are anywhere from 90 to 150 calories. This really helps me. One I have in my purse right now is a FiberOne Cheesecake Danish. Also, I recently found this recipe that I'm trying out on Friday for 101 calorie lemon bars. Yumm!
  • TriciaArvanis
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    Also another thing to note is that when you're on your period you have more testosterone in your body at that time, which means you are going to burn more calories, and your workouts are going to burn more and build more muscle, which is the cause for the extra hunger. it's a good thing! :)
  • jruck371
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    Also another thing to note is that when you're on your period you have more testosterone in your body at that time, which means you are going to burn more calories, and your workouts are going to burn more and build more muscle, which is the cause for the extra hunger. it's a good thing! :)

    I also heard that you can lift more weight the first couple of days of your period... maybe because of the increased testosterone?