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  • mstripes
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    I'm from central Washington. I ride a Roubiax on the road as well as a race and train on a Specialized Crux for CX season. I take part in several supported rides every year. This year that was the Spokane WA ADA Tour de Cure fro which I was a Champion fundraiser and their billboard model. I also along with a couple ride partners did the Seattle to Portland ride in one day. I lead rides from my LBS 2-3 days a week or at least I offer to lead that many. Sometimes no one shows and I ride alone. Before the end of today I will move past 5,000 miles for the year. Cycling has helped me gain fitness and has literally saved my life. My Dr. has reversed my dx for type 2 diabetes due to mostly my exercise. In spite of gaining a few pounds I have kept good BG numbers for more than a year. MFP helped me lose 30 or so pounds a year and half ago , most of which I kept off.
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    Hi guys! I'm Maite from Miami. My usual ride is a Jamis Xenith Comp which I love--I'm easy to please. ;-) I also have an old Giant OCR3 which I use for pub crawls, running errands, and whatnot. And a Trek hybrid that I almost never ride and a Jamis Ventura Comp that I keep around as a loaner. I had foot/calf surgery last year and am just now getting back to riding consistently again so mileage has been low for the year. I'm lucky if I get in 50-75 miles a week these days, shooting to be back at 150+ per week soon.
    Not planning many events too concretely these days so as not to get myself into trouble recovery-wise, but I will be doing a century charity ride in October and a super-fun 150 mile 2-day ride to Key West in December.
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    Josh here from Virginia. 43 years old. 6' 7" and currently 245lb (down from 315lb). One 10 year old daughter that lives with me. (single dad here)

    Always loved cycling on a recreational level but for some idiotic reason I drifted from it. Decades later, I get a freebie MTB bike that's far too small but I rode it back and forth to work anyways. A year later I give the beater to my brother and upgrade to a Diamondback MTB 29er. Still commuting and trail riding... A year after that I crash my bike and get a get a cheap used MTB and saved up for a road bike. Fast forward to 2015, I am still commuting to work every day @ 23 miles round trip. I joined the local cycling group RABA and it's been high miles and distance rides ever since. Preparing for my first century in 3 weeks.


    2009 SE Stout (now equipped with an 8-speed cassette)


    2015 Motobecane Grand Record


    Miles (since I started recording)

    2013 - 1,303
    2014 - 1,712
    2015 - 3,258 (to date)
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    Today's ride included a little tug boat ferry to get us to the Island in the middle of the river. The ride itself is a dead flat and easy 10km but with a husband and cranky teen in tow..... :smile:

    It was a great day for a mellow ride though because it was rather hot out.
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    I'm Joe and hail from the state capital of California. I restarted riding after 23 years break to loss weight. This is my third year back and the most consistent. I was really in the sport in high school and raced in college but after an expensive and bad (ego) crash I stop riding - taken out less than 1k from finish and whole front end gone. Was just ok in races but the final setback was wake-up call to get serious and finish school.

    So far this year I have ridden just over 4.6k miles. I ride mostly alone but joined a club beginning of the year. Club rides are mostly weekend and more race orientated. The rides also let me work on my climbing legs. Current I'm working on not sitting in no man's land and to finish the rides with the front pack. It's been a shock to the system restarting structural training after so many years of being sedentary. I hope to finish my seventh century of the year in October in under six hours.

    My main ride is a Motobecane Le Champaign CF after toasting my Trek 660 at the beginning of the year. I hope to pickup a more aggressive steed in a year or two; just not loving the "sportive". My backup is a Schwinn Prologue.