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    Awesome Mihani keep it up! your post is motivating :)

    Are you taking walks or exercising? (sorry if you mentioned it already I didn't have time to go over all the posts).

    I had problem with smoking too I found E-Cigs are a lot better. They say they are 5% as bad as regular cigs where as cigs would be 100% bad. The good thing is you could use them transitionally if you find that you're going to snap and smoke again. They can be weaned off eventually by using lower and lower nicotine levels in the liquids. Of course cold turkey is best so keep it up I feel exactly what you're going through. Deep breathing helps too. In for 4 seconds, out for 8 seconds. Whenever you feel anxiety. It's so simple yet genius.

    Keep us posted please, and best of luck
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    Hi Anwar, thanks! I am happier not smoking definitely. I am still mad at myself for starting again after going over a year without a single puff. Really dumb of me. Saw your update, you are doing great on ETL, excellent progress!

    Hope y'all are having a good weekend. I didn't end up getting any housework done yesterday. A friend who does landscaping work came over yesterday and we finally tackled the enormous weedbeds (which used to be flowerbeds) and it was an all day project. It's only about halfway finished, it was really bad. He's coming back today to work on it more, and I am quite happily going to the office. I'm tired and sore and don't want to do more yard work today. I bought black plastic sheeting and we are putting that down in the cleared beds, I'm hoping that it will kill off anything else that tries to grow between now and spring, and come spring I'm going to plant tons of native perennials and ornamental grasses in hopes they take over and choke out any weeds that may try to come back.

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    I was writing a post and the laptop died in the middle of it so this is a quick repeat. Total loss for August 7.8 pounds. Probably would have been more if I hadn't been messing around the past week but it was important to get off the cigs so I'm okay with it. Going back strict 6 week plan starting today.

    Anyone have inspiration for a September thread title?
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    Hi all. Popping by quickly. The weekend was here and gone before I realized it! Friday night we went out with friends and were out wayyyyy too late. Which meant the kids were up super late, so, Saturday we all slept in until 9am! For us, that is super late. Typically everyone is up by 7am (with me leading the pack lol), so, 9am is a big thing. I got up and got in a workout then spent the rest of the day running around getting errands done. I got my grocery shopping done Saturday and then spent early Sunday morning getting everything prepped. I have a rainbow in my refrigerator right now. I actually commandeered one of the produce drawers as my own. It is filled with bags of pre-chopped veggies and I cooked a bunch of chicken breast as well. So, now I know I can just open that drawer for my food from now on. I spent the rest of Sunday (literally from 11am - 6pm) outside cleaning out my spent summer veggies from the garden and planting new things for the fall. The clean out in and of itself was a LOT of work! By the time I got to planting things I was already tired, but, I did it anyway. The tomato and pepper plants are still doing so well they are staying for a while. I planted about 8 broccoli plants, 8 cauliflower plants, 8 brussel sprouts plants, 4 romaine plants and a mixed lettuce plant. Since that wasn't enough I planted 15 mums around the house. :-) Eventually a thunderstorm drove me inside. I was pretty well done for the night! I am anxious to see how the fall garden goes. This is the first time doing a fall garden, so, should be interesting and hopefully productive!

    Hope everyone is well! Will check back later today!
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    Hi guys!! I can't believe August is over tomorrow, that seems crazy! After an insane summer though, I'm welcoming September with open arms. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, which is kind of nice!

    I had another crazy busy wedding weekend, but it should be my last until November. I feel like it was 3 days of bingeing and upset stomach. I feel like I'm so dumb but part of me doesn't care. What's wrong with me?!? I am getting a CSA delivery today which I'm excited about and have a big salad for lunch. Going to hit the treadmill today also. I think I am still mega using food as comfort though so I need to figure that out. Sorry for the ramble.

    Mihani, sounds good re the yard! We are having someone come and remove a half-dead tree and some bushes tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to starting fresh next spring for some new and nicer perennial plants. I've been learning after my first summer with a yard...

    Anwar, nice to see your post! How are you doing?

    Newme, your fridge sounds awesome!!!! I'm so impressed with your veggie garden too. Sounds like you had an amazingly productive Sunday.

    I didn't have much sleep for 3 nights in a row so my goal is to treadmill, make a lunch batch, and then sleep early lol. September thread - Super Salad September?! Soup & Salad September? Successful September? I'm terrible.

    Happy Monday (ha!).
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    I like Super Salad September... sounds very positive, and will remind us all to eat our greens! I will start up the September thread now. Lia, you have had so many weddings this summer, not even counting your own!

    I have work to do tonight so not much catch up time, but I'll catch up more tomorrow.
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    Seems fitting to be the last blogger for August. I've been off-line on a road trip and am on Day 2 of logging again. I just wanted to post on how pleased I am on not gaining any weight while on the road. For a change. I normally put on 5 pounds, at least. This time, it was almost surreal how easy it was to not eat the crap everyone else (including hubby) ate at every meal. In fact, eating 3 meals a day seemed like so much food! I just don't need that much food and was definitely not hungry enough to go out for meals. I'm not surprised that hubby gained several pounds; he's not used to 3 meals a day either but he gave it the old college try. I just made my salads and ate them, along with whole fruits and other ETL foods. I brought plenty for me to eat and planned stuff for the road and did allright. Unfortunately we can't enjoy a big hotel meal while on the road anymore and I know that disappoints hubby but then again, if I don't want to regain all my weight, I simply cannot eat that crap food anymore, no matter how much I want to. (Between you and me, though, I don't want to; the craving for that kind of SAD foods is almost gone. It was pretty amazing to me how easy it was to pass it by. Most of it didn't look at all tasty to me anymore -- except the bread. I still miss bread a bit.) Two more trips and one of them should be fairly stress-free, unlike this last one, so I'm feeling good about it. Here's to September!
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    Lisa, that is awesome doing so well while traveling. I do notice that the longer I stick with ETL the less I crave the things that aren't good for me. I even, last week while getting back off cigarettes, found myself not liking the taste of the crackers and things I was snacking on. They just didn't taste that good, which was nice because I didn't go out of control snacking. Now that doesn't apply to everything, but it did to the crackers and I thought that was a good sign! Bread is one of my favorite things too, I do miss pasta and bread when I'm 100% ETL.