super burn

analia120 Posts: 4 Member
So i just joined mfp this week. .....worked out 3 days and really cleaned up my diet this week and lost 6 pounds! Has to be in part because of the breast-feeding, in one week-thats unheard-of for me.... super impressive and motivating


  • analia120
    analia120 Posts: 4 Member
    Anybody else? How is everyone doing? Staying motivated?
  • nrcutie88
    nrcutie88 Posts: 7 Member
    New to this group! I recently had my second baby, I'm starting back up with a paleo inspired diet but trying to keep my calories high enough to maintain breast feeding and pumping. I haven't gotten the go-ahead from my doctor about exercise yet, but hope to soon. Until then, she approved short walks. :) Trying to stay motivated!
  • Rabiaqc
    Rabiaqc Posts: 1 Member
    Is there a way to add breast feeding to our my fitness pal log?