Hi, my name's Millie...I've been waiting for Mother Nature to stop knocking for 4 years now! I'm 46, a grandmother, had open heart surgery when I was 18 months old for a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Falot (ToF)...I'm one of the lucky ones who have only had one repair surgery...up until I turned 40 I had very minor complications related to my heart...then I started having vtach (racing heart beat to keep it simple) that they at first related to anxiety attacks...come to find out a year ago now it was a precursor to my heart going into atrial flutter...I was hospitalized last December in the 23rd to have my heart shocked back into a normal rythym...woke up in the 24th to be told they couldn't proceed...my heart was in normal rythym! My very own Christmas miracle! They put me in coumadin, and sotalol, the blood thinner is to prevent strokes, and the sotalol is supposed to regulate my heart rythym...

Exercise has been a challenge all my life, because of my body's limitations...I can't just "push" through it like a lot of people say, because of the stress it can cause my heart...so running, Zumba and other intense aerobic activities are out of the question...

For the last 2 years I had a period in February and one in October...I've had 3 this year February, May and August! Just this past couple of weeks the hot flashes at night have returned! (Joy!...Not!) I'm so ready to be done with this! I am grateful to find this group because I have no experience with a women going through the change...all the other women in my family had hysterectomys done in their mid 30's, so I've never had anyone to turn to...

My weight also cycles up and down daily from a normal water weight gain of 2 or so pounds at the end of the day, to anywhere around 10 to 15 lbs a day...I take a "water" pill, but it has to be changed, because it doesn't seem to be working anymore...I just moved from Washington to Kansas and haven't found a new physician yet to have it checked out...

Sorry my introduction got so long winded...

Current weight: 254.4


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    Hi and welcome!

    You've found the right place. Lots of great women here sharing their experiences and advice of what works or doesn't work for them.

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    Welcome to the group.

    Until full menopause set in, I was having weird irregular heart beat issues, did all the tests, holter monitors, and the doctors could not find an issue, said it was nothing to worry about. . so I didn't. Once full menopause set in and my body adjusted to that, the heart rate went back to normal.
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    Hi! I am new to the group. I am very frustrated with my weight. I have never weighed more in my life. I am 53 and definitely menopausal.... Not sure its been a year, but awful close if not. Nothing I do seems to work. I do not have time to do hours a week at the gym. I have noticed a common thread with those that have lost some, many hours at the gym and weight training. I am a GM for several salons and work close to 60 hrs a week.
    I have never weighed more in my life, and to make matters worse, I have gained it in my middle, never did that before! I need to lose 40 pounds. I am going to become diabetic if I don't. Both of my parents were diabetic and I don't want to help the process.
    Any sugestions? I was reading another post that suggests taking vitamin D. (?)....
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    @dgbpnb Ultimately, the only way to lose weight is to eat less. I exercise more so I can eat more. I have the double whammy of being short and menopausal, so my maintenance calorie goal is pretty low.
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    At least we are not alone. . . . My frustration level goes up and down for sure.
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    tigerblue wrote: »
    At least we are not alone. . . . My frustration level goes up and down for sure.
    Lord yes. And it shifts!