9/11 goals

freyjac Posts: 205 Member
The last challenge was a major fail for me. I am really hoping to get back on track with this one.
My goals for today
1) drink 10-12 glasses of water
2) go for a run( Done. My daughter and I did 3 miles this morning.) It was awesome
3) do some laps in my pool
4) get in some of my biking miles
5) stay in calories
6)Get in my 13000 steps


  • JreedyJanelle
    JreedyJanelle Posts: 645 Member
    Today I said a prayer for all the families whose lives were turned upside down on 9/11.

    My goals may be small, but I honestly want to be a better person and love my family.
  • jocop2003
    jocop2003 Posts: 468 Member
    Is there a Spread Sheet for this Challenge